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21st Century Education for 21st Century Jobs

  • Put your education into practice and run one of the several student-operated businesses on the Bellefontaine Main Campus and within our satellite programs.
  • Our Experiential Learning Program allows our high-achieving students to work in their career area of study during the school day. Last year, we placed 100+ students in career-ready positions.
  • Earn industry-recognized credentials and certifications, positioning you in an ideal spot while job hunting. Last year, our students earned nearly 700 credentials. Paid with our career fairs, interview contests, and job and internship database, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.
  • Start earning college credit in high school. We have several partnerships with colleges and universities to help ease or erase the burden of student loan debt. Last year, our students earned 200+ college credits for free.
Military preparation
  • We have strong relationships with all military branches and representatives are regularly on campus to explain benefits of enlisting. We also offer the ASVAB test to identify strengths and opportunities for you to be successful.
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Ohio Hi-Point
Ohio Hi-Point 4 days ago

Enjoy your three-day weekend! see pic

Ohio Hi-Point
Ohio Hi-Point 5 days ago

Ohio Hi-Point is closed today (Thursday, Feb. 13). Don't forget to start your first Blizzard Bag assignments. Stay safe! see pic

Kelsey Webb
Kelsey Webb 5 days ago

Ohio Hi-Point is on a two-hour delay for Thursday, Feb. 13. Students, please start working on the first Blizzard Bag Assignments.

Ohio Hi-Point
Ohio Hi-Point 7 days ago

NTHS is now accepting applications! NTHS honors exceptional students in career-technical programs and connects them to scholarships. Apps are due March 27. Talk to Mr. Gilbert if you have any questions. see pic

Ohio Hi-Point
Ohio Hi-Point 7 days ago

Congratulations to Sydney Johnson, a Culinary Arts senior from Bellefontaine City Schools, and Bradley Osborn, a Ohio Hi-Point Outdoor Careers senior from Kenton City Schools, for being named OHP February Students of the Month! see pic

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