Remote Learning Day

On November 18, 21 and 22, as we host Sophomore Experience Days, all OHP students will be engaged in Remote Learning for these three days. Remote Learning days are days when students are not on campus, are not meeting as a class or receiving direct instruction from their teachers, but are expected to complete projects, assignments or coursework of any kind.  Our upcoming Sophomore Experience Days as well as any potential Blizzard Bag Days will be considered Remote Learning days. 

Remote Learning will consist of students marking their own attendance for each day.  The Remote Attendance Form can be accessed at the following link:

 When you access the form, you will see 4 items to which you will respond accordingly.  You will first record your name in Item #1 and Item #2.

If you are going to be completing work for the day or if you are a half-day afternoon student, and want to be considered present then you should complete Item #3 as follows (See Note below):

If you will be unable to complete work or if you will be working your Work Based Learning job would otherwise be absent for the day, or you can skip Item #3 and complete Item #4 as follows:

Note: Please be aware that all survey responses are timestamped the moment that they are submitted, therefore students who attempt to mark a sign-in time that is not accurate, will be identified immediately.