Chopped by Cobb

Last week, a group of Indian Lake 5-8th graders visited campus for a "Chopped by Cobb" cooking competition. 

After learning how cooking temperature affects crust texture and how different flavors work together, students broke into groups and were challenged to create their own pizza masterpiece using a variety of ingredients and sauces. The pizzas varied from sweet to savory to spicy. 

Each team was led by an OHP Culinary Arts student, and the pizzas were judged by an OHP panel of judges, including OHP Culinary Arts instructor, Chef Cobb. While the judges sampled the pizzas, the students enjoyed their own pizza creation and ate the trail mix they made in an earlier session with the Education Academy students.

Winners from the Chopped by Cobb competition were: 

1st place overall: Abby Bihn, Olivia Ross, and Bradley Schmehl

2nd place team: Kendrick Harris, Ealise Simpson Cruise, Emily Miller, Evan Wu

The Chopped by Cobb even was coordinated by the Education Academy students as part of their career exploration initiative to expose students at a young age to a variety of skills and career pathways.