Award Winners

Ohio Hi-Point joined other Logan County schools for the annual Honda Academic Achievement Breakfast on Friday, April 22. 

The ceremony, held virtually, welcomed students from across the county to celebrate their academic achievements. Students were nominated by their teachers for their outstanding performance in a subject area. 

Deb Johnson, Benjamin Logan Board of Education member and retired Ben Logan teacher, shared words of wisdom with students, encouraging them to persevere in the face of challenges and be flexible in times of change. 

After the virtual ceremony, Ohio Hi-Point students were awarded certificates by Melissa Gonglik and Sam Gessler (OHP School Counselors) with assistance from TJ Bales (Student Services Supervisor) and Tonya Ramey (High School Director). 

The following students were recognized: 

Kamryn Gilmore - Government

Blake Counts   - Government

Brycen Howard - Psychology

Paityn Dowty - Psychology

Micah Hermiller - Sociology

Jalyn Anderson - Sociology                

Aliya McCary - Algebra 2

Jazmine Collins - Algebra 2

Ethan Weatherhead - STEM Math

Emma Gaver - STEM Math

Micaiah (Sierra) Saylor - Pre-Calculus

Leyla Johnson - Pre-Calculus

Jaren Schneider - Calculus

Andrew Weber - Calculus

Nathanael (Nate) Brown - Geometry

Gerit Marshall - Geometry                

Emma Hempker - Honors English 12

James Pelfrey - Honors English 12

Morgan Brandyberry - CP English 12

Christian Ingle - CP English 12

Jenna Jordan - CP English 11

Jack Buckalew - CP English 11           

Caroline Alexander - Chemistry

Michael Esposito - Chemistry

Ryan Bowshier - Physics

Elizabeth Greene - Physics

Addison Epling - Anatomy & Physiology

Marlee Kite - Anatomy & Physiology             

Araya Osornio - Spanish

Jonathan Branstiter- Spanish