Indian Lake

Ohio Hi-Point’s Outdoor Careers and Construction Trades completed a spring collaboration project as students built and installed new informational kiosk stations at Indian Lake State Park.

The project started in February as the students designed the layout of the kiosk stands, determined the supplies needed, and calculated the total cost of materials. They utilized the colder days in March to build sections of the kiosks in lab, and were out on the job site once warmer weather came.

A total of 6 kiosks were built and installed around the state park.

Renee Metzger, assistant manager of parks and watercraft, partnered with Ohio Hi-Point’s Construction Trades and Outdoor Careers programs on this opportunity! “We’re happy to have partnered with them,” said Metzger. “We now have great looking kiosks and signage that allows us to communicate consistently with our visitors all across the lake.”