Katelyn Driscol

I chose Ohio Hi-Point because: 

I knew it was going to help me enter the work force.

At Ohio Hi-Point, I'm involved in the following activities: 


My favorite part about Ohio Hi-Point is: 

Lab, because I have met some great people and gained an amazing mentor.

My most memorable moment at Ohio Hi-Point was: 

When I got to go to nationals for SkillsUSA.

What surprised me most about Ohio Hi-Point was: 

The easy transition from my home school to Hi-Point.

The teacher who has had the biggest impact on me is: 

Mr. Kouse. Mr. Kouse has believed in me and has always expressed his faith in me. I really appreciate being blessed with a instructor like him.

My advice to students who may be looking to apply to Ohio Hi-Point is: 

Its the best way to help you make choices to what you want to do.

After graduation: 

I'm either going to Kent State or going into the Navy :))))

I've earned the following certifications/college credits: 

OSHA Certified, ESD certified, Solder Certified, Manlift Certified .CCP manufacturing course through Clark state.