Marshall Jacking, a Welding senior, is putting his welding skills to good use! He came to the rescue for the Ben Logan track and field program after their pole vault equipment broke, and was able to repair the failed steel in his lab the same day it broke. 

Marshall also fabricated a weight bar jack for his football team, which allows the players to add or remove individual weights from the bar while holding it suspended off the ground. His fabrication not only enhances the ergonomic task of varying the load on the bar, but increases the safety factor for the athletes as well. 

In addition, Marshall is a candidate to become Ohio Hi Point's first welder to credential with OSHA, Forklift, American Welding Society D1.1 test and Aerial lift training, earning a total of 12 CT points. Any student achieving the 12 point status will earn a one-year student membership to the American Welding Society paid by the OHP Welding lab.

Marshall's instructor, Mr. Barger, says Marshall is "a shining example of what dedication, work ethic and true passion is all about." Way to go, Marshall!