Jacob Hill

I chose Ohio Hi-Point because: I wanted to get away from the scene that I was so used to, to push myself out of my comfort zone, and to do something that not a lot of people chose to take advantage of when they should have.

At Ohio Hi-Point, I'm involved in the following activities: Ex-TEAMs Competitor

My favorite part about Ohio Hi-Point is: The teachers. I say the teachers because they know that we're all there for an education and treat us more like adults than most other schools would.

My most memorable moment at Ohio Hi-Point was: Going to the Bellefontaine Chamber and applying graphics to their wall behind the main speaker.

What surprised me most about Ohio Hi-Point was: The diverse amount of people there are, we're all different in our own ways.

The teacher who has had the biggest impact on me is: Mr Conley, because he kept everything interesting and didn't care much if people goofed off a bit as long as they got their work done and didn't distract others from doing so as well.

My advice to students who may be looking to apply to Ohio Hi-Point is: Go for it. You'll never if you'll like it unless you do it, and if it's not for you you can go back to your home school.

After graduation I am: Planning on attending college or making a startup business.