One-Year Programs

Ohio Hi-Point Bellefontaine Main Campus is now offering senior-only programs. The programs are 12pt credential programs for students to graduate on time. The programs being offered include Automotive (ASE Certifications), HVAC (NCCER Certification), Ohio Certified Nursery Technician, Outdoor Careers (NCCER Certification and Equipment Operations), Robotics Certification, STNA, and Structural Construction (NCCER Certification). The credentials are key for students to be competitive in today’s job market. 

One-year programs are specifically for incoming high school seniors looking to earn an industry credential.

Automotive (ASE Certifications) – Show employers and customers your experience by earning four Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications in service technology, brakes, suspension and steering, as well as maintenance and light repair. An ASE Certification brings confidence and peace of mind for auto service managers and customers, knowing you have the skills and knowledge to do the job right.

HVAC (NCCER Certification)  The increasing development of HVAC (heating and air-conditioning systems) technology causes employers to recognize the importance of keeping up to speed with the latest equipment and skills, giving students completing this course an advantage in the hiring process. Students will have an introduction to HVAC, trade mathematics, basic electricity, introduction to air distribution systems, basic copper and plastic piping practices, and soldering and brazing.

Ohio Certified Nursery Technician  The Ohio Certified Nursery Technician (OCNT) program has three specializations, Garden Center, Grower, and Landscape. Landscape contractors are relied on to provide horticultural advice as well as landscape construction techniques. Students will learn plant identification, plant usage, plant health, soils, turfgrass management, use of pesticides, construction techniques, design, sales and more. Professional Certification is one of the most important steps an individual can take to demonstrate knowledge and stand out as examples of excellence in the Green Industry.

Outdoor Careers (NCCER Certification and Equipment Operations) – Earn your forklift, skid steer, and excavator certificates in one-year program. Over 180,000 construction jobs are available in Ohio and equipment operators are crucial in the construction and landscape industries. NCCER is recognized by the construction industry as the training, assessment, certification and career development standard.

Robotics  Earn your FANUC and MotoMan certifications, gaining skills that are highly sought after in the high-tech engineering and manufacturing industries. Students will learn the basic understanding of robot operations and programming as well as material handling and its components. These credentials will allow you to succeed in a variety of career opportunities.

STNA – State tested nurse's aides are vital to the healthcare industry and jobs are expected to increase 20% between 2010 and 2020, adding significant value to your resume for completing this program. Students learn personal care skills, mental health and social service needs, infection control, basic restorative services, safety and emergency procedures, resident rights, and basic nursing skills. The STNA certificate sets you on the pathway to a career or an associate’s degree in medical assisting, multi-competency health, or nursing.

Structural Construction (NCCER Certification)  Construction is more than a job. It is a career with high demand, high salaries and high potential with over 180,000 jobs available in Ohio. NCCER is recognized by the construction industry as the training, assessment, certification and career development standard.

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