Outdoor Careers

Ohio Hi-Point’s Math Department hosted the school’s 10th Annual Numeracy Challenge on February 20. Each year, a team of junior and senior students from each career program compete against each other by solving real-world math problems focused on the students’ specific career program. The challenge consists of three 20-minute rounds and the highest scoring team wins a coveted trophy and pizza party.

For 2020, the Outdoor Careers junior and senior teams swept first place. 


1st Place: Outdoor Careers (Andrew VanHoose, Trenton Shelton-Harris, Gaige Sheeley, and Brayden Hill)

2nd Place: Structural Construction (Rylee Halterman and Dalton Combs)

3rd Place: Cosmetology (Adrian Blanken, Kaylene Baschnagel and Jasmine Gordon)



1st Place: Outdoor Careers (Christian Au, Ryan Craig, Andi Martinez, and Levi Baldwin)

2nd Place: Engineering (Kenna Hone, Katelyn Driscol, Lee Artis, and Cheyann Clingerman)

3rd Place: Diesel Tech (Cameron Deardurff, Jared Rausch, Adam Watkins, and Dylan Lowry)