Students work on work-based math problems during the Numeracy Challenge

Ohio Hi-Point's math department hosted the 9th Annual Numeracy Challenge last week, a competition among all career programs (junior and senior level) to solve a variety of different math problems. The math problems correlated with each career program on the Bellefontaine Main Campus, showing how math is a part of every day life.

The following students and programs won:


1st Place: Smart Technology Engineering (Evan Botkin, Wyatt Auflick, Neal Compton, Michael White)

2nd Place: Allied Health and Nursing (Hannah Brant, Emily Elser, Zolena Franklin, Quanisha Thompson)

3rd Place: Diesel Technology (Matthew Carnes, Grant Hoffman, Clayton McCoy, Jon Ward)


1st Place: Structural Construction (Rylee Halterman, Linkon Williams, Zach Burton, Blake Hatzer)

2nd Place: Multimedia Marketing (Landon Jacobs, Alexis Garver, Scott Wilkinson, Hannah Louck)

3rd Place: Smart Technology Engineering (Aliya McCoy, Krish Patel, David Bruce, Isaiah Brooks)