BPA Students pose for a photo with their medals.

LIMA, Ohio – Nine students enrolled in the Ohio Hi-Point Multimedia Marketing program advanced to the BPA State Leadership Conference after competing at the Regional Competition in January.

Ethan Edwards (Urbana), Shawn Stump (Urbana), Trevor Vanhoose (Indian Lake), and Trent Devine (Indian Lake) placed first in Video Production. Ondrea Bryant (Benjamin Logan) placed first in Prepared Speech. Kiarra Coats (Benjamin Logan) placed first in Presentation and Management (individual), and Mallory Case (North Union), Oliva Thallman (Marysville), Cambryia Elkins (Bellefontaine) placed first in Global Marketing.

The chapter had 25 students compete against over 1,000 students in the BPA Regional Competition in various category events including Finance, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Digital Communication & Design, and Management, Marketing, and Communication. The following students placed with top honors:

  • Ethan Edwards, Shawn Stump, Trevor VanHoose, Trent Devine – Video Production Team 1, 1st place
  • Hannah Louck (Urbana), Alexis Garver (Graham) – Video Production Team 2, 2nd place
  • Hannah Burnside (Bellefontaine), Jaylen Huston (West Libety-Salem) – Video Production Team 3, 3rd place
  • Ondrea Bryant – Prepared Speech, 1st place
  • Hannah Louck – Prepared Speech, 5th place
  • Trevor VanHoose – Digital Media Production, 2nd place
  • Mason Stevenson (Bellefontaine) – Digital Media Production, 5th place
  • Kiarra Coats – Presentation Management Individual, 1st place
  • Shaina Huffman (Urbana) – Graphic Design & Promotion 2nd place
  • Mallory Case, Olivia Thallman, Cambryia Elkins – Global Marketing Team, 1st place
  • Mallory Case – Digital Publishing, 2nd place
  • PC Servicing & Troubleshooting - Ethan Edwards – 4th place
  • Alyssa Miller (Marysville) – Entrepreneurship, 2nd place
  • Madison Kiefer (Bellefontaine – Entrepreneurship, 3rd place
  • Gavin Wynn (Benjamin Logan) – Entrepreneurship, 6th place
  • Abigale Bailey (Bellefontaine), Keondre Johnson (Bellefontaine), Madison Kiefer – Broadcast News Team, 4th place

Dunn, Berg, Huff, and Shoffner will compete at the BPA State Leadership Conference in March in Columbus.