Taylor Preston

Taylor Preston '16
Advertising & Graphic Design major, Columbus College of Art and Design
Program: Printing and Graphics

I chose OHP because... I wanted a new start. They offered the high school education I needed and the life skills I wanted. I knew that OHP would provide me with better resources than my home school had to offer. I also wanted to expand my network and since OHP was a mix of 14 different schools, I knew I would meet a variety of people.

OHP prepared me for my future by... teaching me the latest technologies in the graphic design field. I learned many different design outlets such as screen printing, the Adobe suite, vinyl applications, augmented reality and the basis of my graphic design knowledge. They helped me prepare for SkillsUSA where I competed in the Promotional Bulletin Board competition and was awarded 1st place in the 2015 regional competitions. I also was apart of the Student Council and an ambassador program where I learned how to be a leader and listen to the school along with the younger generations coming to check out OHP.

Currently, I am... studying Advertising & Graphic Design at Columbus College of Art & Design to earn my BFA. I specialize in personalized print design. I believe that everyone deserves an original creative voice to express themselves, their thoughts and their personalities. I work for CCAD as their signage specialist where I design and create wayfinding solutions, gallery statements, and keep up on vinyl maintenance. I work with a Roland everyday because OHP trained me on one and I was able to explain to CCAD why this machine would be beneficial to them in the long run. I am also apart of an Advisory Committee.

What students should know about OHP... is that they will create lasting connections if they work hard and want to start out in life on the right foot. OHP is fun, but it's also for those who really want to do something with themselves. When you're at OHP make the most out of your time there because you only get this opportunity once.