CCP teacher speaking to student in class.

For current and incoming Ohio Hi-Point (OHP) students, there are several College Credit Plus (CCP) opportunities available that enable them to attend classes in person or online and obtain college credit. Last school year, OHP students earned 473 College Credit Plus credits for free, which means students are "earning credit that can satisfy some of their college prerequisites, giving them the opportunity to take other courses in college or graduate early," said Caleb Lang, academic and counseling supervisor.

Continues Lang: "We want to focus on the best classes we can offer to not only get students credit, but meaningful credit."

Which is why some OHP teachers have been going back to school to earn additional degrees to be CCP certified. In the state of Ohio, teachers are required to possess a Master's degree in a specific content area or Master's degree plus 18 hours of Master-level courses in a specific content area to teach at the college level at most institutions.

"Ohio Hi-Point is committed to helping teachers go back to school in order for them to then pay it forward in advancing student learning," said Araina Johnson, an OHP science teacher who teaches a College Credit Plus course. "We put the students at the center of our decisions and this is a perfect example. We're a career center and our priority is giving the students the best chance at succeeding in their careers. College credit helps with this for some students."

Johnson said going back to school also contributed to the strong network in higher education that she can use to help her students advance. "My favorite thing about teaching this course [Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology] is talking to students about their future. It's nice to be a part of their journey. I've had the privilege of taking students to a college laboratory where they were able to dissect a human body. It was the most authentic learning experience to watch."

Ryan Gilbert, who teaches CCP English courses at OHP, touched on the importance of getting students career and college ready saying, "I love helping students better prepare for the transition to the next phase of their life. Anything we can do to provide more opportunities for our students is a plus."

In order to earn CCP credit, students need to meet college admission requirements. OHP is currently aligned with Clark State Community College but students and counselors can use to see where student credits can transfer.

"We're hoping to add more courses in the near future, once a few more teachers get certified," said Lang. "Going back to school while working full time can be arduous, and I appreciate the teachers who make this commitment and provide our students with these opportunities."