Autumn Horton

Why I chose Ohio Hi-Point:
There were many opportunities to help me decide what I would like to do after high school.

I'm involved in the following activities at Ohio Hi-Point:
SkillsUSA, Electronic Advisory Committee

My favorite part about Ohio Hi-Point is:
Meeting new people making connections.

My most memorable moment at Ohio Hi-Point was:
Becoming my lab's (Electronics Engineering) president

What surprised me most about Ohio Hi-Point was:
How the Dr. Sloan Foundation and Trustees want to help all career technical labs and make them better.

The teacher who has had the biggest impact on me is:
Mr. Kouse

My advice to students who may be looking to apply to Ohio Hi-Point is:
Do it, even if you are scared, do it. You will regret it if you don't. There are so many opportunities!

After graduation:
Going to the University of Toledo

Industry credentials I've earned:
MACS HVAC Certification