Ohio Hi-Point Hosts Dr. Earl Sloan Reception

The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center hosted the annual Sloan Reception in celebration of the late Dr. Earl Sloan on Wednesday afternoon in the Sloan Inn. The event was an opportunity for students and staff to thank the Sloan Trustees for the vital support given to the career center.

"Dr. Sloan would be proud of where career-technical education is," remarked Superintendent Dr. Rick Smith, "it's exciting to be with the students in their labs and see them working towards their dreams with the latest industry equipment. The district is appreciative of the Sloan Foundation for all they do to help us connect students to success."

During the celebration, students shared about preparing for career success with the help of the equipment provided by the Sloan Foundation.

Student speakers included Collin Henry from the Diesel Technology program, Skyla Plank and Shelby Nicholl from the Animal Science program, and Adrian Blanken from the Cosmetology program.

Adrian Blanken shared her story with the trustees saying, "I must convey my deepest gratitude to Earl S. Sloan and his powerful legacy. My dream, along with many other kids', comes true every day in our daily attendance of something as mundane and routine as high school. Every day I am delighted to remember that I'm one step closer to achieving success for my future thanks to Sloan and all of his lasting investments."

The Multimedia Marketing students presented a video showing the student working with the latest technology and industry equipment in lab made possible through the Sloan Foundation.

The Printing and Graphics program instructor, Tom Carrig, presented the Trustees with Dr. Sloan t-shirts that his students designed and printed, as well as 2018 yearbooks produced using equipment purchased with funds received from the Sloan Foundation.

The support of the Trustees has pushed Ohio Hi-Point to the front lines of advanced technology; providing robots, programming, medical equipment, digital technology, and much more to students who enroll in Ohio Hi-Point programs.

Dr. Earl Sloan, in his Last Will and Testament, established the Sloan Foundation in 1920. Sloan listed the Trustees to establish and maintain a school for teaching trade education to students in Logan County. The Sloan Trustees are Harold Marker, Tom Simon, Chuck Earick, Sandy Aler.

Smith spoke to staff and students saying, "We greatly appreciate what the Sloan Foundation does to provide tools for students' educational growth. What we hope students really walk away with is how all of these men and women work together to pay it forward and give back to their community as role models and examples for the Ohio Hi-Point students."

To date, the Sloan Foundation has given over seven million dollars to benefit students in Logan County.