Study Trip to Employment

Brock Bennett, a senior Welding student from Mechanicsburg High School participated in a summer internship at Shaffer Equipment in Urbana, OH after a study trip to Shaffer Equipment last school year.

The Welding students spoke with several employees and practiced a variety of welds. However, Bennett stood out to Shaffer Equipment's shop foreman, Matt Sergeant, and was offered an internship position.

Now that school is back in session, Bennett will continue to work for Shaffer through OHP's Experiential Learning Program (formerly School-to-Work). And after graduation, Brock will have a full-time position at Shaffer Equipment.

What are your responsibilities at Shaffer?

I plan out what I am going to weld and take measurements. I then weld a variety of machine parts and do welds on machines as needed.

How has the Welding program at OHP helped you in this position?

OHP has given me hands-on experience and access to life skills necessary for me to perform my duties successfully in the welding field.

What's your favorite part about OHP?

My favorite part about OHP is learning from my experienced lab teacher (Mr. Barger) and having access to the hands-on job training.

What do you plan to accomplish after graduation (work, college, military, etc.)?

I plan to work for Shaffer's after I graduate.

What advice would you have for other students considering OHP?

Since the lab experience is what prepares us for successful integration into our career, my advice would be for the new students to take their lab seriously and act like it is their job so that they can get the most experience out of it.

Have you earned any certifications?

I have earned my certificate for OSHA ten (a safety course), and upon graduation, will have a two-year welding certificate and additional certificates for safety.