Professional Experience Days

Ohio Hi-Point students are participating in the upcoming school-wide Professional Experience Days scheduled for November 17, 20, and 21, 2023. These days are dedicated to providing students with diverse, real-world learning experiences outside the classroom setting.

During these three days, students will engage in a variety of individualized career, college, community, and work-based learning experiences off-campus. Each student will select from the provided experience options, ensuring they complete one for each day.

It is mandatory for all students to participate as these days are considered official school days, accounting for six hours of attendance daily. If a student fails to participate without proper documentation, it will result in unexcused absences.

Here are the steps students need to follow:

  1. Coordinate the Experiences: Reach out to local businesses, educational institutions, or military recruiters to schedule activities for each day.

  2. Complete the Student Assignment Selection Form: After finalizing arrangements, fill out the digital form.

  3. Submit the Post-Experience Verification Form: Post-experience, an authorized individual must validate the student's participation using the provided form, which is due back to their program instructor by December 1, 2023.

Please note that even with approved off-campus activities, parents will receive a routine attendance call, although students who participate will not be marked absent.

Available Options:

Regular School Transportation Provided:

  1. Assist Instructor: Participate in Sophomore Experience Days. Note that an invitation from the instructor is necessary to opt for this activity.
  2. Community Service: Engage in volunteer work with an approved organization. Placement is subject to availability by county, and school transportation is provided if needed. Students opting to self-transport must submit a completed Self-Transportation Form.
  3. Catch-Up On School Work: Utilize school facilities to complete past-due assignments with available remediation on OHP’s campus.

Self-Transportation Required:

  1. College Visit: Explore higher education institutions and their offered programs. Arrange for a tour or an appointment with the admissions office in advance.
  2. Military Visit: Gain insights into military careers by visiting a recruiting office or scheduling an appointment with service branch representatives.
  3. Job Shadow: Arrange to accompany a professional in a field of interest to gain practical exposure.
  4. Business/Industry Tour: Schedule a visit to a business or industry pertinent to your career interests to understand their operations better.
  5. Job Placement: For students already employed in their field, the option to work for the full day is available. Ensure you are scheduled to work on these dates with your employer's consent.

All experiences must be set up by the student and completed with all necessary paperwork signed and submitted back to the program instructor no later than Friday, December 1, 2023. This will confirm your attendance for the three experience days.

We encourage students to take full advantage of these opportunities to enhance their understanding and engagement within their chosen field. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact 937-599-3010.