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Ohio Hi-Point Career Center is pleased to announce a significant change in its school lunch program, beginning September 5, 2023. In a move to support students and families, Ohio Hi-Point will provide a free hot lunch to all enrolled students for the 2023-24 school year, regardless of their family's qualification status for the federal lunch program.

"Adequate nutrition is vital to the growth, education, and well-being of all students," said Dr. Rick Smith, OHP Superintendent. "All households have felt the strain of the economy and increasing costs on nearly everything needed to live. We are happy to be able to provide this relief to all families and make sure all students have access to a healthy meal.”

Ohio Hi-Point will utilize student wellness grant funds to ensure every student has access to a balanced and wholesome meal.

While all students will automatically receive a free lunch, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center encourages eligible families to continue participating in the federal free and reduced lunch program by completing the necessary application. This ensures that OHP can receive the appropriate funding to sustain the program and continue supporting students' nutritional needs.