Students Smiling on the First Day of School

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center is kicking off the 2023-24 school year with  619 students on campus, the highest number of students the campus has seen in a decade.

"We are thrilled to see the excitement for career education from students and families," said Dr. Rick Smith, OHP Superintendent. "This is a testament to our outstanding staff and their dedication to students as they build relationships and provide hands-on learning in their labs and classrooms." 

In addition, a renovated and expanded building allowed Ohio Hi-Point to expand career program offerings, adding a Spa Tech program and launching Criminal Justice and Exercise Science programs. In addition, OHP plans to offer Cyber Security next school year. 

With the focus on real-world learning and a career-ready education, students are exploring career pathways like they would a major in college. The ability to earn college credits and industry recognized credentials have created a launching point for students in their careers. 

In addition to OHP's 16 campus programs, OHP has over 50 satellite career programs, which bring career programming directly to the partner districts the career center serves. This allows students to explore career fields in their high school or middle school classes.

“Our partnerships with education and industry have helped us create meaningful pathways for students to employed, enrolled, or enlisted,” said Dr. Smith. “We are excited to see the future of career education in our district.”