Carter Kreglow

Carter Kreglow, a Riverside sophomore, made school history as the youngest Riverside student to be elected as an executive officer for the state of Ohio BPA. Kreglow is a part of Ohio Hi-Point's Business satellite program at Riverside High School. 

It was unheard of, but an ambitious Kreglow, as only a freshman, also campaigned last year to experience the high-pressure campaign world for the state of Ohio BPA, according to advisor Lindsay Wyan. Most candidates are juniors and seniors according to Wyan, but by participating last year, Carter understood exactly what this state campaign meant.

In his campaign speech, Kreglow focused on how each student could and should make a difference every day in some way. He stated, “I have become a passionate BPA member because I see its benefits and purpose and would love the opportunity to bring my skills to the state level.  This is how I choose to stand out and make a difference in my small corner of the world.” 

Kreglow said, “I am excited to see how I can help the Ohio Chapter of BPA improve for its members. “It’s really cool to be elected because I am from such a small school and most officers come from the larger career centers. It’s really awesome how I got here and what I can do to improve our chapter.” 

Ohio is second to only Texas as having the most BPA members in the nation.