Diesel Student Showing Brakes

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center hosted a Student Spotlight Night on Wednesday evening, welcoming over 600 OHP students and family members to campus.

This was the first time the career center has hosted the Student Spotlight Night. “We wanted to look at doing Parent-Teacher Conferences a new way to bring more of our OHP families on campus,” said Superintendent Dr. Rick Smith.

Mark Butler, OHP’s Academic Supervisor said, “we saw an opportunity for our students to show off to their families what they were doing in their career program labs and academic classes. We really wanted to empower our students to have student-led conferences.”

Students and their families walked the building, visited classrooms, talked to teachers, and learned more about the career and academic education provided at Ohio Hi-Point.

Some of the student spotlights included a welding lesson for family members, a look at ChatGPT generated assignments in government, cooking demonstrations in Culinary Arts, a salmon run scavenger hunt in an environmental science class, a virtual dissection table demonstration and EKG testing in Health Careers Academy and more.

During the Student Spotlight Night, students and families also had the opportunity to attend a College Credit Plus presentation hosted by Clark State, OHP personnel, and current OHP CCP students. The Logan County Sheriff’s Office also sponsored an Operation Street Smart session for family members.

Ohio Hi-Point plans to continue the Student Spotlight Night for future events.  

“Our students are passionate about what they’re learning, and we were thrilled to see the turnout for our first Student Spotlight event,” said Butler.