One-Year Programs


One-Year Credential programs are for students looking to earn a 12 pt credential. By choosing OHP, you don't just get a certificate. You'll be ready to:

  • Earn up to 12 points of invaluable industry credentials towards your graduation.

  • Network with seasoned professionals.

  • Elevate your resume to stand out in the crowd.

  • Gain confidence about your pathway after high school: Employment, Enrollment, or Enlistment

OHP offers the following programs:

Drone Technology

Drone Technology

New program!

Students will use state of the art drones and simulators as they learn to fly and land drones, as well as demonstrate skill in ground school concepts in flying and landing small aircraft. Ground school gives students the background theory to soar during flight training.  Students learn the concepts of flight and the various factors (weather, wind, air pressure, etc.) that affect a pilot's work in the cockpit. *New Program for 2024



New program!

Students will learn to assess, diagnose, and treat patients with different illnesses and injuries. Skills taught include CPR, wound management, managing respiratory emergencies, and more. Graduates of this program are equipped to pursue various pathways in emergency medical services, including but not limited to, working as EMTs, advancing to paramedic training, or pursuing further education in healthcare. *New Program for 2024


Please note that the following programs are available only if seats in the existing lab sessions are open.

Automotive (ASE Certifications) – Show employers and customers your experience by earning four Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications in service technology, brakes, suspension and steering, as well as maintenance and light repair. An ASE Certification brings confidence and peace of mind for auto service managers and customers, knowing you have the skills and knowledge to do the job right. Availability depends on open seats in the junior lab.

Construction (NCCER Certification)  Construction is more than a job. It is a career with high demand, high salaries and high potential with over 180,000 jobs available in Ohio. NCCER is recognized by the construction industry as the training, assessment, certification and career development standard. Availability depends on open seats in the junior lab.

Esthetician License (Spa Technologies) – Estheticians are state-licensed skin care professionals who perform treatments that promote the health and beauty of the skin, including procedures like waxing and peels, while also educating clients on cleansing, diet, and the application of skin-care products at-home. Availability depends on open seats in the senior lab.

Nail Tech License (Spa Technologies) – Nail technicians provide nail services to customers at salons, spas and barber shops, while some technicians operate their own business. Nail techs clean, file, trim, polish and repair fingernails and toenails. They discuss treatments with clients, such as applying artificial nails or moisturizing hands and feet, and sell additional services and products. Availability depends on open seats in the junior lab.

Phlebotomy/Medical Assistant – Phlebotomy is when someone uses a needle to take blood from a vein, usually in your arm. It’s an important tool for diagnosing many medical conditions. You can start a fast-paced, detail-oriented career in phlebotomy where you spend time caring for patients, helping them receive the right care for their needs. You can also earn your medical assistant certification. These jobs offer strong job security, good benefits and good pay. Availability depends on open seats in the senior lab.