When will I find out if I'm accepted?

Students who apply and have a completed application (transcript included) by January 21 receive their admission decision by mid- to late February. Students who apply and have a completed application (transcript included) after Jan. 21 receive their admission decision on a rolling basis beginning in mid-March.

The state limits career-technical programs to 25 students per class, so it's important to apply early to secure your spot!

Can I still participate in my partner school activities?

Yes! Students are encouraged to gain the best of both worlds – remaining active in their home schools as well as becoming involved with OHP. Our students return to their home schools for athletics, music, student organizations, and other activities.

Becoming a well-rounded individual is all about taking advantage of the opportunities to be involved. OHP offers several activities for students including FFA, SkillsUSA, FCCLA, DECA, HOSA, BPA, National Technical Honor Society, and Student Delegates.

I want to go to college. Is it possible with this education?

Of course! Many OHP students transition directly into college after earning college credit while attending Ohio Hi-Point. We have several college credit agreements with colleges and universities across the state, allowing students to earn free college credits, easing or erasing the burden of student loan debt. 

Can I attend half-day?

Yes, the half-day option is available for students who want to participate in their chosen lab, but return to their partner school for academics. Check with your partner school guidance counselor to see if this option is available for you.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, you'll wear a program shirt/required lab attire every day. Dress down days, or jeans days, happen monthly and additional days may be earned throughout the year.

I'm not sure about what to do after graduation. Why should I choose OHP?

Many students are interested in career fields, but don’t know if that’s what they really want to do! OHP gives you an opportunity to explore a career field – at a much less cost than attending college and switching majors. If you decide to go directly into a career, OHP continuously works with business and industry to provide the in-demand training and certifications, saving you money on the same training and certifications a company would charge employees for.

What would the typical day be like if I attended OHP?

You'll spend about 2.5 hours a day in your chosen lab, learning the tools of the trade and preparing for certification exams under the guidance of your instructor and skilled professionals who have worked in the field. The remainder of the day will be dedicated to academics, fulfilling requirements from the state and home school for graduation.

What times are the classes?

Morning programs are from 8:15 – 10:200 a.m.
Afternoon programs are from 12:20 – 2:30 p.m.

How much does it cost?

Ohio Hi-Point is a free public education institution, and there are no program fees. The only costs of attending include a parking permit (if you choose to purchase one) and additional lab apparel pieces not included in the provided uniform list.

Do Ohio Hi-Point students receive a diploma?

We work with your partner schools so that when graduation day comes, you'll receive your high school diploma from your home school, and a Certification of Completion and Career Passport from OHP.

How will Ohio Hi-Point help me successfully connect with job opportunities?

If you meet the grade and attendance requirements, you'll be eligible for OHP’s School-to-Work program your senior year. This is an opportunity for you to complete your academic work during the school day and work in the job field during lab time, gaining on-the-job training and earning a paycheck. Many of these opportunities will lead to full-time employment after graduation. In addition, several of the organizations at OHP will help you build your network of professionals, beginning with your instructor.

Will I earn any industry certifications?

Eligible students may earn certifications in their chosen career field after completing a certification test. Earning certifications will position you in an ideal spot while job hunting since employers look for candidates with the necessary qualifications instead having to pay for classes to earn them.

Is transportation provided to OHP?

Yes! Your partner school provides transportation to OHP every day. However, with a purchase of a parking permit, students can drive to campus. For more information about busing, including half-day busing, contact your partner school guidance counselor.

How successful are OHP graduates?

Extremely successful! OHP's overall career/college placement rate for the graduating class of 2019 was 96%. In addition, the Bellefontaine Main Campus class of 2019 earned over $500,000 in scholarship monies and over 600 industry certifications were earned.

Several of our graduates are successful business owners, teachers, doctors, police officers, chefs, engineers – the list goes on! There is no limit to what you can become.

Do I have to attend the Bellefontaine Main Campus?

No, we offer several satellite programs in our partner schools. You can find the program offerings here.

What is the OHP culture?

You’ll find students interested in a particular career field and eager to explore it before graduating high school. Our students are hands-on learners and want to graduate with options to advance to college or their particular career. They have the freedom to build on their talents and skills while growing as a leader. Students at OHP work hard and support each other.

What if I apply then can’t attend?

That is OK! Please let us know as soon as possible if you have decided to not attend. You can reach out to us at