Solar Eclipse

Watch the Solar Eclipse at the highest point in Ohio!

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center is excited to host a Solar Eclipse viewing experience on April 8, 2024. Located in Bellefontaine, Ohio Hi-Point sits on Campbell Hill - the highest point in Ohio!

Buy Tickets

The cost of admission is:

  • $25 for a car/van/truck

  • $150 for a bus

Please click the button below to buy your tickets today! Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE.

Viewing Glasses

Each attendee will need to purchase their own viewing glasses for the eclipse.

About the Event

By purchasing tickets to this event:

  • Ticket purchasers acknowledge and agree they are making a donation to Hi-Point. All funds raised this day will go to our student service organizations to support students in their career pursuits, community service projects, and regional, state, and national competitions.

  • Ticket proceeds will become the property of Hi-Point and are non-refundable.  Hi-Point shall be responsible for the funds and reserves the right to utilize the donation in the best interest of the educational program.

By participating in this event:

  • Attendees are voluntarily accessing the premises of Hi-Point Career Center (“Hi-Point”).

  • Attendees acknowledge and agree that Hi-Point is not responsible for any attendee’s illness, injury, death, property damage, and/or financial loss arising from participation in this event.  This includes any loss or damage to any vehicle that is parked at Hi-Point.

  • Parents and guardians agree they are responsible for their children’s participation in all activities, provide consent to their children’s participation in all activities, and will uphold all safety rules and activity guidelines.  Parents and guardians release Hi-Point from all liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered by children while participating in activities or this event.

  • Attendees agree to accept and abide by all rules and regulations of Hi-Point and/or event organizers, including but not limited to Hi-Point’s no smoking, alcohol, drugs, or firearms policies.  Hi-Point reserves the right to remove any attendee who violates a rule or regulation.  

  • Attendees grant Hi-Point permission to take and use any photos, videos, or sound bites for legal use without any expectation of compensation.  Attendees also grant Hi-Point permission to administer first aid and/or emergency medical treatment for attendees and their children on-site should it be necessary.  

  • Attendees voluntarily accept and assume all risks, whether caused by the ordinary negligence of Hi-Point or otherwise.  Attendees waive and release any and all claims against Hi-Point and its officers and employees on account of any illness, injury, death, property damage, and/or financial loss arising from participating in this event.

Ohio Hi-Point will have a family friendly atmosphere; the campus is a smoke- free, drug-free, and alcohol-free campus. Firearms are also strictly prohibited.