The 664th Cafe

Ohio Hi-Point's Cafeteria

Good food is necessary for a healthy body and mind, that's why we focus on healthy options for all students and try to offer convenient options for all. Click the button below to see the upcoming breakfast and lunch menus.

Free and Reduced Lunch
If a student feels they qualify for free or reduced meals, they should complete and return a Free and Reduced Lunch application to the high school office.

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You can view the daily lunch menus on our app by searching "Ohio Hi-Point Career Center" in the Apple Store or on Google Play and downloading the app for free. 

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664th Breakfast and Lunch Options

The 664th Cafe offers a wide variety of food options.

Breakfast Meal Deal ($2)

  • Entrée Choice

  • Fruit or Fruit Juice

  • Low-Fat or Fat Free Milk (8oz)

Lunch Meal Deal ($3.05)

  • Entrée Choice (bread & protein)

  • Fruit Choice

  • Vegetable Choice

  • Low-Fat or Fat Free Milk (8oz)

Sandwich Bar ($2)
Speciality sandwiches are rotated daily. Hamburgers, Chicken and Spicy Chicken Sandwiches are always available.

Build Your Own Lunch
You will see a Build Your Own Lunch display case with multiple options on each shelf. You can choose:

  • Entrée from the Bottom Shelf

  • Vegetable from Shelf 1

  • Fruit from Shelf 2

  • Milk

Grab & Go
A variety of Salads and Subs are available Daily. One Grab & Go Box with your choice of Milk counts as a full meal.

Ala Carte
Assorted Sandwiches, Pop, Chips, Fruit, Yogurt Cups, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Cookies, Brownies, Pudding Cups, and other items are available each day. Prices Vary.


Breakfast - $2.00

Lunch - $3.05

Entrée - $2.00

Sides - $1.00

Milk or Juice - $ .50