Arts and Communications
Students will work collaboratively to learn various ways to communicate visually. Students will make graphic elements and digital art, create dynamic layouts in design software, write, produce, and edit audio and video all while designing for the Ben Logan Community.


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Digital Design

Students use problem-solving strategies and work collaboratively to complete the creative process in the world of editing digital photos, illustrations, and other artwork. Students learn to combine text, still photography, audio, videography and graphic arts to create digital pieces to be used in a variety of media applications including electronic and print materials. Students also learn to convey messages through journalism, commercial advertising and marketing.

Courses include: Media Arts Primer, Digital Image Editing, Multimedia Web Production, Media Arts Writing, and a Capstone or Internship. Students can also earn certifications in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Instructor: Jayne Jones



Students learn the principles of flight, navigation, weather, aircraft design and construction. Students will explore each of the principles through study and hands-on experiments. Students use CAD software and 3D printing technology along with Aircraft Flight Simulation Trainers. Those enrolling at Grimes Airfield also have the opportunity to work with real aircraft at a working airports. Students will repair sheet metal, paint, weld, machine, grind, rivet, recover, sew, form, punch, dill, troubleshoot and assemble aircraft parts and components onto real flying aircraft. Students will study Flight and Ground operations and participate in the restoration of a historic WWII B-17 and other vintage aircraft. Certifications that are available through a capstone include: Remote Pilot Certification (14 CFR Part 107), Private Pilot Ground School Certification, and Private Pilot Certification.

Instructor: Mark Curtner


Please speak with Ohio Hi-Point and your home school guidance counselors to learn more about satellite programs and how to enroll.