We are incredibly thankful for the dedicated and talented staff at Ohio Hi-Point. Our teachers challenge our students and celebrate the "eureka!" moments. They push our students to unlock their potential and provide guidance when the day gets tough. Our teachers believe in a hands-on education and cultivate the critical thinking skills to breakdown problems and create solutions. In essence, our teachers - the best teachers - are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.


Cindy Harlan: She has shown me it’s okay to take a breather sometimes but also never give up on anything I do. She also has taught me to be myself no matter what and I want to thank her for everything she’s done for my class and myself - Skylinia Salyer

Bryan Knurek: I would like to recognize this educator because he’s very passionate about his class and also cares about his students and their education as well as sharing his experiences to help us and make his classroom a better environment. If a student said to him I’m hungry he would do his best to get him or her something out of his drawer to make sure that it holds them over until their lunch. He cares very deeply about his students like they’re his own children that’s why I think he should be recognized because he’s dedicated, compassionate and unique. - Alexis Reprogle

Ginger Shellenberger: She goes out of her way to help anyone in need and is just an amazing person, I love Ms. S with all my heart, she's definitely a teacher I will thank forever! - Lakyn

 Mr. Jordan: He is amazing person to laugh with I am excited every day to go into his room and talk to him about my day he is one of my favorite teachers just seeing him in the halls he always says hi and asked how my day has been and it brightens my day knowing that a teacher is happy to see how my day was and actually talk to me. - Haylie Jordan

Mr. Knurek: He is the reason why I come in with a good attitude and because of his of his jokes, and his little stories he tells us all.

Mrs. Meyers: She has helped me through a lot at school. - Derek Miller

Ginger Shellenberger: She is the best cosmetology teacher you could ask for. maybe best teacher overall. her love for her students and the patience and the solidarity she brings into the classroom. she motivates, cares, encourages, helps, all her students and we all love her dearly. Me and all the Cosmetology girls look at her as a strong woman and a really good role model. - Lily Titus

Kyle Rose: He makes class so much fun and everyone loves him.

Mr. Silver: I am so, so proud of how much effort he has put into making each student feel included and welcome in his class...even if that means some tough love. I remember being nervous about meeting him for the first time because he was my new lab teacher but as soon as he said hi, my nervous feelings went away. The way he greets us with a big smile and a cheery voice when we walk into his room makes me look forward to seeing him every day. When he isn't there due to whatever reason, I always feel a little sad because I looked forward to joking around with him. He always insists that each day of the week is "the best day of the week". I will miss him greatly and I am a little sad that I won't be able to walk into his room first thing in the morning just to say, "Good morning!" - Grace Miller

Rick Jordan: Good role model - Kahne Ferguson

Mrs. Harlan & Ms. S: The COS teachers go above and beyond to make sure every student reaches their hours in order to schedule for state board. They work not just during the school year, but even during the summer to take the students to boards! They are also very active in SkillsUSA! Big thanks to all the extra work they do. A big thanks to their amazing cut-a-thons! - Allison Harlan

David Marsteller: He always goes above and beyond to show us how to make stuff safely and with accuracy. - Kyra Downing

Ryan Gilbert: Best English teacher I’ve ever had. He makes learning fun and educational at the same time, also one of the kindest souls on this earth. - Anna Brodman

Maelinn Myers: Mrs. Myers is the kind of teacher who will do anything in her power to make sure you feel heard and accepted in her classroom, in my whole entire school experience I have never met a teacher with more integrity than Mrs. Meyers. She’s very kind and sweet and the kind of person I can’t wait for my daughter to meet! She’s the kind of teacher you begin to see as family within days or weeks, she’s the kind of teacher that you love. If anyone deserves a shoutout for teacher appreciation week, without a doubt it’s Mrs. Meyers! - Izzy Brown

Mr. Silver: He’s probably one of if not the best teacher I’ve had throughout all my years of school. The most caring, fun, and trustworthy teacher I’ve met. He’s helped make my senior year a wonderful experience and helped me shape my future. - Zyler Carey

Mrs. Haver: She’s not a teacher specifically, but she’s helped me through so much in just one short year. She’s a phenomenal counselor and I’m forever thankful to her for all she’s done to help me. - Zyler Carey

Mr. Knurek: For always being understanding and more than willing to work with me and help me out when I need it. You’ve made English enjoyable. - Zyler Carey

Mrs. Walser: For taking time out of her day to help me play catch up and helping me understand when it seems nearly impossible. Math is always a struggle, but she makes it easier with her willingness to help. - Zyler Carey

Angie Walls: Mrs. Walls has been such a warm and caring presence in my life and indirectly help me get into a better place by just being herself and caring about her students. Her classroom is such a welcoming place and I felt like I fit it and had somewhere to belong the first day I was there. - Allie Dieringer

Rick Jordan: Mr. Jordan is the best instructor I could’ve asked to have teach me about my career path. I’ve learned so much about criminal justice since coming to Ohio Hi-Point because of him. He cares about every one of his students and works hard for us all because he wants to see us succeed. I’m proud to be able to say that the man who helped me get my foot in the door was one who is reliable and is of good moral character. - Anna Brodman

Ryan Gilbert: For making me see the fun in school and motivating me to put in as much effort as I can, just by being a good teacher and showing each of his students he cares about them, no matter what he’s going through.

Ryan Gilbert: Gilbert has pulled me through dark times as far as my mental health goes and has generally been someone that genuinely I hope I can keep contact with long after I graduate. - Norman Kinney

Bryan Knurek: He is a wonderful person he is so understanding he is one of the best teachers I have ever had. - McKalee  Shock

Tracy Flora: She is so amazing she is such a sweet person I’m so glad I had her as a teacher she really helped with my English class. - McKalee  Shock

Justin Silver: He always makes class fun and has a great attitude. He encourages us to try our best and lets us know how great we’re doing. - Jaiden Hinkle

Summer Priest: She makes every day in her class very engaging and explains whatever we are learning in a way that is very easy to understand.

Swaney: Helps me stay on track with my classes. 

Mrs. Johnson: This school year I joined HOSA. It was completely new to both my partner and I, yet we were encouraged and guided throughout the whole situation. Mrs. Johnson is always there to listen and sympathize with her students. She truly goes above and beyond.  - Alexis Corbett

Mrs. Atwood: I have had her for 2 classes this year and both were so much fun, I learned a lot that helped with my other pathway classes. She helped me so much when I was competing with HOSA in a competition I wasn't familiar with. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had! - Grace Barcus 

Mr. See: Mr. See is a fantastic teacher. He allows us to be ourselves even when we might be a little too much, but he always makes sure we have our work done. You can tell he truly cares about the students and making sure we learn.

Mrs. Walls: I would like to recognize Mrs. Walls because she has made me find my love for my career, pushed me in the right direction for my future & she is just overall a great human being to be around. - Melody Banning

Mr. Knurek: His class is always the best and is a class I always look forward too. Even if we have work to do in the class, he always gives us a good laugh before we get started.  - Landyn Thompson

Cheryl Hess: Mrs. Hess has been extremely helpful through my high school career by always doing what’s best for my peers and me. She works extremely hard and provides us with the best education, not only just at my school but at multiple. I thank her great for all the allied healthcare opportunities she has provided for me, without her I wouldn’t be as far as I am now. - Kaydee Roberts

Mr. Blake: He is a good teacher and makes class fun. I don't think I’ve ever dreaded going to his class. - Rowan White

Mr. Rowe: He always makes sure that I understand the subject while making it fun to learn. He always makes sure that his students are learning and making sure it's all fun. His class is very cool. - Jaylynn Hoermle

Rick Jordan: This man doesn't get recognized for what he does for his students and how well he does his work. He pushes us to our limits every day. He gives all of us amazing advice for when we feel down or exhausted. He's the best instructor out of the whole school. - Hope Brownlee

Mrs. Mast: She is very good at helping students understand the materials of schoolwork, and general seems like she cares about seeing each and every student achieves what they needed down and pushes students to do more.  - Brooklynn Dingledine

David Rowe: He makes learning extremely fun. He finds a way to turn anything into a project. - Seth Wiles

Arron Thompson: Because he is just the best teacher out there, he is funny and nice and he is just my favorite teacher.

Mr. Lutz: Has helped me with pursuing my aviation career way beyond I ever expected a teacher to go. He also has given great life advice helping me get through life and things I struggle with.

Mr. Noeth: He's a very nice guy, always offering to help, very fun to talk to. - Vance Queen

Mrs. Johnson: Mrs. Johnson has been more than a teacher to me since my first day here. She always has time to listen and gives out helpful advice about stuff in class as well as life. Her room is a safe space to just relax and talk about whatever might be bothering you.  - Keyan Slabach

Dr Robinson: He always makes me feel like I matter. He treats us like we are smart and grown - Jazmyne Doty

Amanda Bookmyer: She is so helpful. You can tell she really wants the best for her students. She is so passionate on making us better and more confident at what we are doing all the time! Doesn’t get better than Booky! - Haylee Wise

Amanda Bookmyer: She has gotten me to the point that I am at and has pushed me all four years to get where I am today. She creates a great relationship with her students and is 100% a person that I will remember even beyond high school. It doesn’t get any better than her class and I look forward to being here. She is one of my biggest supporters! - Brailyn Thacker

Amanda Bookmyer: She goes above and beyond to help us and make class more interactive. She has been my favorite teacher all 4 years and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. She’s amazing!! - Caitlin Defibaugh

Dr. Robinson: He has been one of the best teachers I have had. You can tell he really cares about his students. - Isabella Lavitchka

Mr. Roth: Although he was thrown into his first year, he's handled the stress well. He's made FFA more fun and exciting. 

Amanda Bookmyer: She is one of the best teachers I’ve had throughout high school. Her dedication to providing for students is extremely appreciated. She has been a great role model for me as I grew. - Grace Lodge

Amanda Bookmyer: She has consistently provided us with study material for the class and thoroughly walk us all through our Patient Centered Care course. She is organized and fun to have in class. - Brynn Butler

John Brown: Coming into this school, I already knew the path I wanted to take, I had an interest in programming so I could one day move onto game design for Nintendo. On just the first day of class, Mr. Brown turned that interest into a passion. - William Rose

Mrs. Bookmeyer: I like Mrs. Bookmeyer because she never excludes any of her students. She takes time to show each student her compassion with teaching us.  - Haven Gordon

Mr. Hughes: He has kept school fun and engaging towards the end of my senior year, and is always relatable and willing to talk to me :) - Jonathan Sharrock

Mr. Silver: He’s a great teacher, and I always enjoy coming to his class. Often you’ll find a teacher who is good at teaching, but doesn’t have the best personality, or you’ll have a teacher with a good personality who kinda sucks at teaching, but Mr. Silver has both. He is a great teacher with a great personality, and he incorporates his personality into his teaching. His projects are fun and encourage creativity in his students. He also is very supportive of his students, and he is always encouraging them to follow their passions. - Laila Lynch

Rick Jordan: Mr. Jordan's can-do attitude and belief in the Criminal Justice program is inspiring to the members of our lab. His continuous effort put into our lab pushes all of us farther than we thought imaginable, he believes in every member of our lab and is a role model, leader, educator, and friend. - Caleb Parker

Ginger Shellenberger: She is the best teacher I've ever had, and she is super nice to everyone. She teaches everything well so it's really easy to understand. She is also super understanding when you are going through a rough time. - Elisabeth Bump

Mrs. Atwood: She does a great job on teaching and working with others when she needs help and doesn’t make class boring and does a lot of interaction activities and allows others to speak on how they like to learn and she switches things up the next unit to incorporate the students wants - Jayde Warneke

Justin Rigsby: He was a chill guy. - Bannon Brown

Mr. Thompson: He goes in-depth with his teaching and makes it fun. He jokes around with sometime in class while teaching. He is always smiling. He is over all an amazing person.

Mr. Martin: I would like to recognize Mr. Martin for his continued success with the OHP - Triad DECA chapter that has had over 30 total ICDC qualifiers including 22 attendees in the past two years alone. - Tucker Webb

Mr. Rowe: The reason why I chose Mr. Rowe is because, my freshmen year I wasn't into anything like sports or school activities. But when I was assigned to go to Mr. Rowe's class last year it was a really fun experience and I wanted to learn more about filming and how to operate a camera. When I took his class again this year I made the potato commercials, Morning Grind commercial, Ohio Caverns video for my BPA competition, and the Mechanicsburg Promotional video for my BPA competition. This semester, Mr. Rowe gave me an internship job application to work with him and make funny commercials, operate the broadcast/video board, and hype videos for sports and school activities. I just want to thank him for teaching me more about Video Production and hope to see him next year while I'm OHP. - Alyssa Welsh

 Mrs. Wyan: She is a very good teacher, and she puts in a lot of effort.


Mrs. Wyan: Mrs. Wyan is the perfect example of what every teacher should strive to be. She is both professional yet so considerable of each and every student’s needs. She always knows what she’s talking about and can answer every question you have. She deeply cares about students and will provide every resource you need to succeed.  - Morgan Shockey

Stefanie Brown: She worked consistently with her students, constantly checks in, and takes into consideration if they're having a bad day. She slows down the curriculum when students take longer to finish projects and she keeps finding ways to include recent mental health discoveries and studies in the class. - Maddy Connor

Mr. Hodge: He is always dressed professionally and acts the same and is very good at giving deeper explanations to complicated terms  - Gage Ervin

Lindsay Wyan: We recently won a state competition that allowed us to attend a national competition held in San Diego. Mrs. Wyan was an imperative part to us being able to attend, compete, and make unforgettable memories. She dedicates so much time to her students and is an incredibly genuine and caring person who deserves recognition on every level.

Lindsay Wyan: Mrs. Wyan does so much for students and is relentlessly kind and caring. - Rielee Richmond

Lindsay Wyan: Always dedicated to helping her students. Made myself and a group of friends traveling to San Diego for Riverside’s first LifeSmarts team possible. Always has multiple National Qualifiers from her BPA chapter because of her hard work! - Ava Klingler

Lindsay Wyan: She works hard every year as a teacher, BPA advisor, and senior class advisor. This year she also worked hard to take five students to San Diego to compete in the national LifeSmarts competition. Mrs. Wyan cares about her students' success and prepares them for their future.  - Kristina Plank

Mrs. Priest: She is very sweet and nice and she helps with everything she makes you feel welcome.

Elija Woodruff: Always ready to help when needed and honestly one of the best teachers I have ever had! You can really tell he’s not only there to do his job, but he cares for all of his students! He makes everyone comfortable and welcomed!  - Hailie Ball

Ms. Schneider: Before I was in her algebra class, I used to hate math. She has helped me become excited to do math, and her teaching methods allow me to process information and help me learn better.

Mr. Gilbert: I think out of all of the teachers he deserves it most. He is the best at teaching. What else can I say. - Jeremiah Pelfrey

Mr. Morton: Mr. Morton makes lab fun and engaging.

Mrs. Schneider: She’s a good teacher and actually teaches in a way people can understand and remember.

Heather Smith: Mrs. Smith has gone above and beyond to help me stay on track in lab while I have been on the 1x1 program. It may make her job harder but because of the kind heart she has she does it anyway. She helped me receive my NASM certification with ease even though I was out of school every other week. - Brielle Cotterman

Tammy Newland: I would like to recognize this Educator because She Looks at all her students like her kids and will always stick up for them If Others won’t. In the short time period of me knowing her, she helped me through a lot this school year. She was there for me when my parents passed away and always let me know that I was never alone - Taya Bennett

Ryan Gilbert: Mr. Gilbert is also there for any student no matter the subject he always tries to help. He treats everyone the same with equal respect and honesty.  - Justice Scholl

Mr. Ryan Gilbert: He's always understanding, and his lessons are interactive, educational and fun.

Rick Jordan: For teaching me new things every day and pushing me to do things that make me uncomfortable to become better at things I find hard. :) - Sylvia

Amanda Bookmyer: I would like to recognize this educator because she goes above and beyond in and out of the classroom. She is always willing to put in extra effort to make our lesson fun, engaging, and similar to real-world experience. She also comes to support us at our extracurricular events and truly shows that she deeply cares about us.  - Angel Forester 

Mr. Knurek: I would like to recognize him for everything he does for me. He really helps me when I feel like I can’t do something. He always makes my day whenever I come into his class. He always gives the best advice and lifts me up every day by his jokes and by him being so happy and welcoming. - Laycee Hatcher

Angie Walls: She helps me out a lot. She never gives up on her kids. - Sarah Russel 

Mrs. McKinney: She was very kind to me since the first day of school. I only have her for prime time but she makes sure that all of us has fun. Making my prime time, a class I look forward too.  - Elias Abrego

Kyle Rose: He has been an amazing teacher all year, he has taught me more about zoology and chemistry related things that I expected to learn when starting those classes this year! I have been able to pay more attention in those classes than past classes in those subjects. He has taught me how to come out of my shell some more and actually make friends in classes and he has conversations with his students and tells us about his life when it’s appropriate to - Addison Holycross

Jason Cobb: He takes extra time, even when we aren't in school to teach me show to be a better person, he sent me a video yesterday while I was feeling ill. The video made me cry, not sad tears, but happy one's. The video was targeting me about success and appreciating who I am right now, and not waiting to appreciate myself when I become successful. He takes so much care of all of his students; he is one of my biggest motivators in life. I couldn't have done any of this without him. - Caleb Fergus

Mr. Knurek: Mr. Knurek is an outstanding teacher; he goes above and beyond to make his students successful. He makes everyone feel welcomed and puts a smile on everyone's face even when some don't feel like smiling. He understands that we have lives outside of school and works around our schedules. He a not only a mentor but also a friend to many. - Savannah Peake

Mrs. Wyan: Mrs. Wyan is a teacher but more so, someone I look up to. Mrs. Wyan is always going out of her way to do what she can for the people around her. Her guidance has shaped my future to becoming a brighter place. I could not be more grateful for her.  - Kara Klingler

Mr. Silver: Very down to earth, knows how to tackle certain situations, and tries to teach based on how he knows his students would learn the best - Ethan Short

Mr. Martin: He’s one of the best teachers all time.

Mrs. Merrick: She's such a great teacher and always helps her students to make sure they understand what she's teaching.

Mr. Woodruff: He’s pretty chill.

Lindsay Wyan: Mrs. Wyan takes care of her students. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students are successful and is always there when needed. - Rylee McCully

Bryan Knurek: He has a great class, and the work is engaging. Very chill teacher. - Cullen Davis

Mr. Jordan: Even though I don’t have him for a normal class he’s my prime time teacher. He has said very motivational words to me and has taught me to put the past behind me and work on myself.

Mr. Gilbert: The best English teacher I've ever had. He's the most supportive person that I know of, and the kindest man I know for sure. He believes in every one of his students, and I'm positive he'll make an excellent Lab Instructor next year. - Saleen Mabrey 

Megan Lacher: She is always going above and beyond to make sure that her students have everything they need to be able to succeed after high school and while we are still in high school. No matter what is going on in her life she always come in to lab with a smile on her face and is always ready to teach us and make sure we have all the knowledge we need to be able to succeed to our full potential.   - Olivia Kroft

Mr. Rose: Mr. Rose has always made learning fun and interactive. He has a wonderful sense of humor and everyone in class appreciates him. He treats us with respect and helps us one on one when a student needs it. - Lilliana Diaz

Mr. Rose: He is just so relaxed and chill with things and his music taste is by far the best. The way he teaches is not boring at all. - Madison Wells

Mr. Rose: When I heard that I was going to have Mr. Rose I was ecstatic. I've heard so many great things from previous students or from my brother. My brother had him junior year for chemistry and was just so happy to have gotten him. I love going to his class not just because all my friends are in there but because i learn something. I love when he plays music at the end of class and we all start dancing or the candy we get on Fridays. He's honestly one of the best teachers I've had.  - lillianne fitak

Bryan Knurek: I would like to recognize this teacher because he helps anyone in need and will show up to places if you ask him. He showed up to my senior night for bowling which made me really happy to see him. No matter how busy he is he takes time out of his day to help anyone that needs it. - Aaron Adams

Mrs. Lindsay Wyan: She has made a bunch of trips possible for me and my classmates. She always makes sure we are learning the best things we can and have the awesome opportunities to do things… like go to San Diego, CA for a completely new competition. She is just an all-around awesome teacher! - Jailyn Leeper

Mrs. Grube: Everyday last year I loved attending her class. Her class was probably the best part of my day! I love seeing her every day and just saying hi and talking to her. I’m so appreciative of her! - Adilynne Gregg

Jen Grube: Even though Jen is pregnant, she still manages to help and try her best to make the day better.  Her kindness is spreading through the class. She comes into class every day with a good attitude, smiling face.  - Zoey Lavender

Lindsey Wyan: Although she is very busy, she always takes time to help us in whatever we need.  - Levi Buchenroth 

Mrs. Grube: She had a fun class and was an awesome teacher. - reigan

Mr. Rowe: Mr. Rowe has been such a positive role model throughout the year to all the students in his class. He has been a huge help in growing our media/video program and has given many students job opportunities within. He gets to know every student personally and can see their potential. Mr. Rowe has been such a positive influence on Mechanicsburg high school, and I can't wait to see what amazing things he does with future students.  - Libby Scheiderer


Mrs Lacher: She is a great teacher because she is supper helpful but also makes us figure things out on our own. She does not hold our hands through our learning. She gives us the tools to be successful but makes it clear that it is on ourselves to succeed. She is always in our corner and is super supportive. Mrs. Lacher has changed my life for the better. - Avery Hankins

Miss Grube: She’s nice and lets you talk to her about anything.

Mr. Gilbert: Mr. Gilbert is the most understanding and down to earth person that I’ve ever met. He is so kind and I was so lucky to have him as a teacher. He has taught me to be a better person and to never give up. - Maddie Gaver 

Mark Barger: Gave me a class that I love to attend every day. - Garrett B

Mr. Silver: I appreciate Mr. Silver; he genuinely cares for his students. It's very nice that he tries to make class fun, but he cares about more than school. If a kid is going through a hard time he will understand and care. I think he's a good teacher and that deserves recognition.  - Paige Bilimek

Mark Barger: Mr. Barger has been an excellent role modal allowing us to expand our experiences and our minds to the best of his and our abilities. - Tucker Thompson

Kyle Rose: I'd like to nominate Mr. Rose for this because of his dedication to everything he does. The energy he brings to all his classes make each day more enjoyable and helps to keep me motivated to show up to class each day. All around he's a great man, that should be recognized for his outstanding personality and work ethic.

Mrs. Bradley: Thank you for making class so much fun! For example, showing us real life organs and their functions. Letting us go at our own pace but in enough time to move on to the next body parts! The projects we do are fun too, I like how we get to choose what we get to do!

Mrs. Bradley: She goes above and beyond for her students. She makes lesson plans weeks in advance and gives class calendars for what we are doing. Mrs. Bradley always has a good attitude, a passion for teaching, and for the subject she teaches.  - Andrew Stroud

Mrs. Mast: She’s so nice and does thinks for us. - Andrew

Dr. Robinson: He always gives us a different view and always puts the students in his class first. Comes to the classroom and gives us his expectations. Always a person to talk to if you need a different view of something going on in your life.

Angie Walls: She’s just been the best teacher to get me thought the first year of hi point and can’t wait to spend my last year with you next year. - Drew Moore

Mrs. Smith: I would like to celebrate this teacher for always encouraging me and being my best friend throughout both years at Hi-Point. - Kaitlyn Gregg

Mr. Jordan: I would like to celebrate Jordan for always going out of his way and teaching me new wrestling moves and really making me feel a part of the wrestling community as a girl. - Kaitlyn Gregg

Mr. Woodruff: He will take the time to understand what’s going on with you in class and help you however he can. - Brantlee Oburn

Ryan Gilbert: Mr. Gilbert has been such an amazing teacher this year, and we all know that from his award, but Mr. Gilbert does far more for us than teach us. He cares about us, he listens to whatever it is we feel we need to say without judgement, he gives such amazing advice for our lives whether we choose to be stubborn and listen to it or not. Most of all Mr. Gilbert has made getting up and coming to school something to look forward to as senioritis catches up to us all, our first period class is amazing and I wouldn’t with so it to be with any other group of people.  - Ashlyn Akers

Mr. Carpenter: He’s been a great teacher. Not only does he teach, but he also lets you learn. He also teaches life lessons and is always willing to listen if you need advice or answer just about any question you ask him.   - Landen

Ginger Shellenberger: She is so kind, has a such a big heart and tries to understand everyone, she believes in you when no one else does. She’s like a 2nd mom that everyone loves. Always wanting to make everyone happy!  - Payton

Hannah McKinney: Mrs. McKinney is one of the most patient people I have ever met. Not only is she passionate about what she teaches, but she is a very creative individual as well. Mrs. McKinney is great to have conversations with, she’s funny, sweet, and always welcome to offer help if you need it. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of being appreciated this month than Mrs. McKinney.  - Elliot Norris

Mrs Shellenberger: She is not like other teachers she helps with mental health and shows that she cares. she is funny, kind and overall the most amazing person ever she works hard and is owed a lot more than what she has. - Gracie McGriff

Cindy Harlan: She is always supportive and willing to help. I'm not one of her students yet, but she makes it feel as though I am. She is constantly asking if you are okay, or what you need. She looks to help students succeed. I love the way that she considers you like her own even if you aren't. When I tore my ACL, Mrs. Harlan was constantly finding ways I could help out, while making sure I was comfortable and not hurting. She always listens when you need someone to talk to and she gives the best advice. Love you, Mrs. Harlan <3 - Taryn Tate

Dr. Robinson, Mrs. Young, Ms. Schneider, Ms. Ginger, Mrs. Harlan, Mrs. Ramey, Nurse Erica, Mr. Lacher : All of you were there for me when I tore my ACL and were willing to work around my surgeries and many, many Doctors appointments. You also made sure I was comfortable and safe when walking around the school and sitting in the classrooms. For that, I thank you. - Taryn Tate 

Jessica Smith: She lets me come into her classroom for extra help, she reads my test for me, helped me get my new job. She’s there if I need to talk about my day. She’s my biggest supporter and it means a lot to me knowing I have somewhere there.  - Trinity fink

Mr. Peterson: He always makes lab so fun, he always tells students if they need anything they can go to him if there having some issues.

Mr. Gilbert: He always puts his students’ feelings first. He also recognizes that everybody learns and expresses themselves differently and he accommodates according to that. He has helped me grow my love for English and writing. He has also shown me the type of teacher I want to learn to be. - Emma Johnson

Matthew Roth: He is an excellent ag teacher and has navigated many challenges over the past year - Dillon Dulin

Mrs. Jones: It's "Mama" Jones. How could I not appreciate her? She's my school mother and I enjoy coming into lab early everyday just to get to hang out with her. She has been a humongous help in teaching me how to use my passion in graphic design to create the most beautiful things. - Grace Miller

Rick Jordan: Mr. Jordan's first year of teaching coincided with my arrival at Ohio Hi-Point, marking the beginning of a memorable journey. Over the past two years, Rick has made this experience the best it could've been. He's more genuine than anyone I've ever encountered and holds the top position on my list of respected individuals. As an educator, he surpasses all others I've encountered, guiding me from a state of limited knowledge about Law Enforcement to confidently acing tests administered by him, a former Chief of Police. This is my thank you to Rick Jordan for being more than just a teacher for our class. - CJ1 2024 - LFS

Mrs. Walser: Not only does she help make sure everyone understands their work, but she also usually makes my day happier by being so kind and just generally in a good mood.

Sr. Mejia: Although he isn't one of my academic teachers, he never fails to make my day better with his welcoming attitude. He always makes conversation with his students even though he doesn't really have to, and I think he's a pretty good teacher.

Mr. Tullis: Mr. Tullis is understanding of his students’ time, and he's just generally a nice teacher. Unlike some other classes I've had, going to his class never seems like a chore, and he's always there to answer questions.

Chef Cobb: Chef Cobb is a great instructor, and he always puts himself aside to be there for us. Although he may be stern sometimes, He always wants what's best for you and he comes to school every day with all of us in mind. I'm sure I'm not the only student whose days or even life has been improved in some way by him, and I hope he continues working here so more people will get the chance to have him as a teacher.

McKinney: She’s aways a person you can go to and talk about your feelings, and she’ll give you her honest opinion she has pride in her work and I look forward to her class and seeing her every day. - Abbey 

Mr. Silver: Mr. Silver is a fantastic teacher and person. He takes his time to really explain every project and test and is happy to take extra time to help a student understand any assignment more in depth. He also takes time outside of the classroom to make sure his students are doing well and give advice, not only in assignments and schoolwork, but also mentally and physically. He is personable and fun to be around, and really makes class fun and enjoyable. On top of that, he also spends his time to assist and empower other groups and aspects around and in school, like giving the DnD club a space to join in every week, and his assistance in the food drive for students. This being only his first year teach astounds me in comparative to the sheer monumental amount of amazing things he has done not only for me and my class, but the school as a whole. Thank you, Mr. Silver, for being an amazing educator and person. Godspeed. - Duskin Otho-James Jones

Mrs. Young: Mrs. Young is kind and patient. She always sets a positive and productive energy in class. The most important thing she does though is just letting her students ask questions, be curious, and being non-judgmental.