"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

We are incredibly thankful for the dedicated and talented staff at Ohio Hi-Point. Our teachers challenge our students and celebrate the "eureka!" moments. They push our students to unlock their potential and provide guidance when the day gets tough. Our teachers believe in a hands-on education and cultivate the critical thinking skills to breakdown problems and create solutions. In essence, our teachers - the best teachers - are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.

We asked our students to share their appreciation for our staff, and here's what they had to say.

Ms. Schneider is probably one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She makes math so much fun and always makes sure everything is briefly explained. She doesn’t move on until she knows everyone understands the topic she’s teaching. I didn’t really enjoy math before, but she makes me love it more every single day. She deserves the recognition for her hard work. She always makes sure important tasks are taken care of and always reminds us about important dates and assignments. I’ve never seen a teacher enjoy what they do like Ms. Schneider. - Maliah

Mrs. Smith and Ms. Simmons are always there for me when I need them, and they always help me with anything I need. They are super supportive and very very good teachers. -Amelia

Mr. Gilbert makes every situation you may face with an assignment so much easier because he gives you time and breaks it down. - Alayna

Mr. Krock has kept pushing me during this school year, urging me to succeed. - James

Mrs. Meyers does more than just teach her students she makes sure she understands each and everyone of them. She helps everyone of her students individually, even if it's not related to school. Mrs. Meyers is the most amazing teacher anyone could have, and here is why: she has helped me in more ways than I can even explain. I experienced a loss last year, and she completely went out of her way to make sure I was getting all the help I needed, she comforted me, she helped me understand, and she helped me school-wise making sure everything was getting done and pushing me through. Mrs. Meyers does so much for her students and cares so deeply for them, her students are her kids.

Mr. Conley is an amazing teacher whether you’re his student or not. He has always been available to talk about just life itself and always checks in with you. With the amount of students who have mental health issues, it is always nice to have someone to talk to without feeling like you’re being lectured.

Mrs. Young has helped me with college and has helped me take better care of myself.

Mrs. Swaney has been so positive and keeps me going on the off days when I come in.

Mr. Gilbert is not only a good teacher but a good person as well. He is so understanding about anything you want to talk to him about whether it be in or out of school. He is one of the best teachers and people I have ever met. - Skye

Mrs. Lacher helped me achieve where I am now as a future healthcare worker by helping me with the skills required. She tells her students everything we need to know in order to succeed as nurses. Plus she thinks of fun ways to learn even the most boring material (she once did an exercise where we took away one of our senses to better understand cognitive impaired patients).

Mrs. Conrad has made a big impact in my life. She has so much love for all of her students and never leaves one uncared for. She makes our classroom feel like a home, but still lays down the rules for our education. She teaches us greatly and I have learned so much from her, and not just about our lab, but about life outside of school. Mrs Conrad is probably one of the best teachers I have ever had, and I’m sure other students can say the same. She has taught me more in a semester than I have in a whole year. I appreciate her greatly, and I want her to be recognized for the amazing educator she is. - Jalyn

Mr. Carrig has always seen the potential in every student he has. He gives great advice, and always pushes people to be the best version of themselves. With his stricter personality he is the pinnacle of professionalism, but he never fails to crack a good joke and make someone's day a little brighter. - Rivvyn

Mrs. Newland was there for me from day one. She wasn't just an instructor, but she was like family. She helped me get a start to my life career, and helped me keep working even when I felt like I wouldn't be able to succeed. - Olivia

Mr. Gilbert really helped me become confident in my writing. He gave me helpful feedback on my poems and worked with me to further my knowledge of writing.

Mr. Conley is very understanding and helpful. - Kambria

I'd like to thank Mr. Wilson for teaching us a lot in a short time period with all of this COVID stuff going on and I'd like to thank him for making our class really fun and getting to know a lot of us on a personal level. Thank you, Mr. Wilson. - Steven

Mrs. Harlan is super sweet and has been there for me in really hard times. - Alayna

Mr. Lacher wants to see us succeed and grow in our individual passions. - Micah

Mrs. Walls has been an excellent teacher for the past two years and has done so much to help my class, both from an educational standpoint and in personal aspects too, such as helping us to find jobs and plan our futures.

Mr. Alig is a great teacher and not only teaches me in my lab, but teaches me life lessons too.

Mrs. Sizemore is always willing to help her students with the work that they have. This is super important during this time.

Mrs. King is a very caring and understanding teacher. She has been super understanding about the pandemic and having to work from home. She also actively tries to get the class excited and involved.

Mr. Carrig always try to make someone smile or laugh. Always helping us when we have any problems with any subject.

Mrs. Stahl is amazing! I love being in her class.

Mrs. Walls truly cares for her students. She is thoughtful and kind and really helps us out when we need it. 

Señor Mejia does a great job at communicating with his independent study students. I love passing him in the hallways every morning, too! He’s always got a smile on his face and always tells me good morning! He is such a great teacher and person. - Angela

Dr. Robinson is very kind, has a very big heart, and has some very cool socks and funny humor. Since the start of the year, I knew that if I needed help or advice I could go to him. He is much more than just a teacher he is my friend and someone who I trust. He was always there and very considerate during tough times. - Riane

Mrs. Hyder is an amazing person who is so funny and easy to feel comfortable with. - Alayna

Ms. Johnson is one of the chillest teachers everyone can feel her vibe, and she has lotion and perfume. - Alayna

Mr. Kouse has taught me more than any teacher I have ever had, not just about engineering and electronics but about life itself. Mr. Kouse has pushed me to go farther than I typically ever would have. He pushed me to sign up for things that I would of never signed up for. Even though this is his last year teaching, he will be missed very much next school year. I just wanted to say thank you for everything he has done for me and many other students.

Mr. Gilbert is always so understanding and he goes more in-depth and tries to help me with anything. - Devin

Mr. Wilson has been the best teacher I have ever had. He will help you when you have a problem but still makes sure you know how to do it. He is very patient and will not give up on you. - Bobby

Ms. Boyer became a permanent sub for the Culinary lab without having subbed for them before. She is the nicest, most helpful teacher I've ever had. I don't think I would've stayed at Hi-Point without her taking over. - Alexis

Mrs. Conrad does everything in her power to help us out.

Mr. Marsteller has always been patient with his students, and even though I came into this lab halfway through the year, he has helped me stay on pace with my other classmates. Even when I've had problems, he has been patient with me and took time to help teach me things I did not or do not understand, even while working on important projects. - Christian

Mrs. Priest and Mrs. Preston have pushed me to do my best in both my junior and currently in my senior year. - Bradley

Mrs. Conrad treats me like family, like she does with all the Animal Science students. Yes, there were times she had to send us to the office and things like that, but that was tough love because she believes in us. In a sense, she is like a second Mom to me at school. She didn't take it easy on me this year and I thank her for it because now my grades are all A's and I'm focusing in my classes. - Kelsey

Mr. Carpenter always has knowledge to give, is supportive, and is also understanding, he make lab feel like it’s a family.

Mrs. Sizemore is one of the best math teachers that I have ever had. She is very patient and can recognize what I am struggling with before I can and is always willing to help, even over email on remote days. Because of her, I have been able to understand geometry much better than I thought I would. 

Mr. Bodey is an overall great guy and really wants to prepare his students for a real work environment. - William

Mrs. Young is the most responsible and caring teacher I've had this year. Made my senior year easy but challenging and enjoyable. - Alexis

Mrs. Shellenberger is amazing and always does hand-on things with us to learn the skills needed to succeed.

Mrs. Boyer help me to where I am now. - Jack 

Mr. Alig has always been there for every student. He shares his experiences and tries to help others not feel alone. - Briauna

Mr. Cook helps me solve my problems - Jack

I love how Mr. Conley takes on real-world issues.. and how he likes to take on issues that are currently going on instead of just focusing on old issues. He is very honest. He also keeps it very real with us even if we don't want it to be real. He listens to what we have to say in debates/discussions and if he doesn't quite understand or if he thinks we are onto something he will ask us questions that make us think about why we think that way. He doesn't let us say our parents/siblings/friend's opinion; he wants us to come up with our own opinion. I love this because he challenges us to come up with something of our own which we will have to do in the real world. We will have to do things on our own in the real world, which he encourages, and he lets us do our stuff at our own pace but by a due date. - Mya

Ms. Weeks is so kind and I feel like she truly cares about her students.

Ms. Boyer does a great job of teaching us. She is willing to drop whatever she is doing beforehand and do a one-on-one explanation. She is willing to be a teacher and a friend, whether it be online or in person. 

I appreciate Mr. Carrig for giving me in-school jobs in my lab. - Vincent

Ms. Johnson understands exactly what we as students go through. She so sweet and nice. She listens when we need to rant. Understand that we can’t just do everything all at once. And gives us the time to complete assignments and relax if need be. - Chasta

Ms. Schneider is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had. She makes learning fun. - Nate

Ms. Boyer has been extremely supportive as an educator. She has been incredibly thoughtful as a instructor teaching us the important parts of the culinary industry that way we can have the best career in the industry. - Kayla

Mrs. Newland has always had my back through everything I needed. If I needed extra help, she was there. Mrs. Newland has given me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and the strength I needed to conquer hard times. She deserves to be recognized. - Kaylee

Mr. Lacher is a great guy. He is always willing to work and help students even on his busiest days. He goes above and beyond and even likes to joke around in downtime in lab. He's here day in and day out and does so much for the lab to help us really get a good grip on what we are learning.

Mrs. Swaney helps students with whatever class work they need help with and is always there when you need it. She makes kids feel comfortable and not super stressed about things, and sometimes that is what we need.

Mr. Conley, my homie, teaches my favorite class and we do cool debates my brUH.

Mrs. King Throughout the year she’s always been the happy-go-lucky person I could go to. No matter how hard the pandemic has been, she’s always managed to put smiles on a lot of her students’ faces. She’s helped me through difficulties in writing, and always knows what to say when dealing with a situation. - Jazmine

Mr. Wilson has made a difference in the Diesel world. Also, Mr. Wilson had changed my view on anything that is Diesel related. - Adam

Mrs. Conrad has done an amazing job in lab, and I've learned a lot from her this year. Lab can be really stressful and some how she deals with it and gets the job done and I don't think any one else could do it. - Morgan

Mrs. Schneider goes out of her way to help me. I have never understood math, and math to me was just always super hard. She sits down with me and breaks down the problems until I understand and can do better. She takes her time so I can understand assignments better, and not only me, but she does this for any student that needs it. She is one of the BEST teachers I have ever had, she even takes the time to listen to my frustration and concerns, and she just knows my confused face by heart. - Kiley

Mr. Kouse has helped me to grow my knowledge in the field that I am passionate about. Mr. Kouse has also given me opportunities to put my knowledge to the test by doing projects for other people around the school. By him doing this he has expanded my knowledge on how to make a product the way a person prefers it to be. - Elizabeth

Chef Beale will always be my favorite teacher no matter what, she showed me to keep on doing what I'm doing in the pastry world. I can't thank her enough. - Grace

Mr. Gilbert is very accepting of me for who I am. - Candy

Mrs. Conrad always helps others and is understanding and someone you can talk to about anything while making sure everyone gets their work done - Audrey

I would like to recognize Mr. Conley because out of the two years that I have had him, he has always pushed me to do better and has help me academically in any way possible. He is always positive, which in return, makes all of his students smile and laugh. - Zoe

Mr. Alig always goes out of his way to make learning fun, but at the same time he treats it like a work environment. - James

Mr. Barger has helped me though this year with school work an personal stuff. He's a great teacher and is kind a caring to all. He's very helpful and makes sure we have what we need. - Victoria

Mr. Gilbert is very cool and swag *starts breakdancing*

Ms. Shellenberger is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is honestly a person with a heart of gold. She loves her students like her children. She understands if you have problems at home and will try to give you input/advice for your situation. I love you Ms. S. - Mya

Mrs. Conrad can do basically everything. She keeps everyone positive, and makes sure everyone is doing their jobs. She is happy every day. - Will

Mr. Lacher is amazing at helping us understand what we need to do and is always giving us assistance. - Gage

Mr. Conley is by far the best government/history teacher I've had. He is very down to earth while relating to the students and has a teaching method that involves the students more than any other teacher that I've had. It's easier to pay attention in his class because he can keep my attention long enough to actually teach me something rather than having us read from a textbook all the time. - Alexis

Mrs. Conrad has changed the lab in ways no one else could. The lab is one of the hardest to teach and keep track of everything. She puts so much effort and hard work into providing a good education. - Lillian

Mrs. Myers helps in anyway she can, if you need someone she's always there to listen and give her input. She helps in many different ways and always cares. She is the best teacher I've ever had. - Zoie

Chef Beale is amazing. - Alexus

Mrs. Conrad has taught me so much and I really like how honest and respectful she is. - Mikaela

Mr. Lacher has been very supportive and helpful in my experience as a Media student. He's an extraordinary teacher and I enjoy his class the most.

Mrs. Newland goes above and beyond every single day for her kids. She's understanding when we get stressed out and does everything she can to help us get back on track. Although the curriculum this year is new to not only us, but her too, she's been such an amazing leader for us to follow and learn from. Her class gave me some insight into Physical Therapy and I fell even more in love with it. She's also incredibly encouraging to us in what we want to do with our lives, you can tell she genuinely wants us to succeed.

Mrs. Conrad has helped me through lab and she gives us a great education. 

Mrs. Conrad has been an amazing teacher to our lab and has taught us very many useful things we need to know in life, and in our animal careers. - Cadence

Mrs. Priest is a good teacher because she is genuinely interested in making the class fun. She does this in many ways. Sometimes she does activities such as throwing paper airplanes into boxes that she continually decreases in size in order to simulate birds losing their habitats, or sometimes, she simply asks students their thoughts on certain issues. The way she writes assignments keeps students engaged because the questions allow for students to add a lot of themselves into their answers. This is a drastically good change in direction compared to the rest of standard schooling, as many students in other classes get into a habit of just repeating word for word what the book says just to get a good grade. This class avoids that monotony while the students still retain the information. Mrs. Priest accomplishes all this in a way that her students still understand the topic, while also being engaged, which is a tough task in today's educational environment.

Mrs. Conrad cares about us and the animals and has been there and talked to me when I was going through a hard time. I look up to her. - Sara

Mr. Barger's Welding lab is very beneficial for my career opportunities in adulthood, and he makes learning fun and interesting. - Shayne

Ms. Weeks gives us the time in lab to ask questions and answers our questions in detail. - Paityn

Dr. Robinson understands work loads and he talks to the class as his equals. He has shown me that no matter what, I can do anything I put my mind to and he assures me that I can depend on myself when it comes to my future. He is patient and helps me when I don't understand even if my questions seem dumb.

Mrs. Conrad has helped so much in our lab. She’s helped with everything, from homework to explaining into detail about animals and what they need. She’s always on her toes in lab, helping students with everything they need, making sure we’re doing things the right way. There’s never a dull moment in lab with Mrs. C. Out of all the teachers I’ve had, she’s helped me the most. - Navaeh

I'd like to recognize Mr. Lacher because in my time at Hi-Point, he has helped me achieve my goals and make dreams a reality. He lead 2 teams to placing at the state level in skills. He inspires me to be the best I can. - Hannah

Mrs. Conrad stepped up and really made a change to our lab. She has been a great teacher. Our lab runs really good with her being the teacher. She always makes sure everyone understands what they are supposed to be doing, she is very patient and understanding. - Alyssa

During the time our Government teacher has been out, Mr. Holbrook has been our teacher and he has been doing an awesome job, he has really shown us that he has our best interest in mind. 

Mr. Peterson has helped me in my line of work, and continues to encourage me to do my best. - John

Mrs. Priest always care about our grades and wants us to learn new things from her. She understands that people make mistakes and helps us succeed. She always kind. She wants us to be safe and respected and doesn't want us to make judgements or failures in our life or futures. 

Mrs. Myers cares about her students and she is a good friend as well as a good teacher. She’s willing to work with students, and since the first day made class feel friendly and welcoming. - Riley

Mrs. Schneider has gone the extra mile to help me with math. She reaches out and asks if I need help and also lets me stay after school to work on my math and to get extra help. I have never had a math teacher allow me to stay after school for extra help or to get missing school work done. - Aleyna

Ms. Weeks has made a really rough year a lot more enjoyable. She is really flexible and just makes school and class more enjoyable. She's really helped our lab get through the year. - Aleyna 

Mr. Kouse is a kind and patient instructor. He has allowed me to grow my knowledge in a field that I can use to benefit my future. He is pushing me further than I thought I would be now and pushed me past the limit I thought I had. I think he should be acknowledged for the great change he has had in my life. - Jaren

Mr. Gilbert has always been one of the few that seems to understand the students more. He is social and breaks everything down to reasonable portions. He is very down to earth and i am eternally grateful for how much he has done for me and other students.

Mr. Gilbert always helped me and made me feel safe and free and helped.

Dr. Robinson has given me opportunities to reach further and participate in making changes in the school.

Mrs. Newland makes sure I fully understand what I am doing.

Chef Beale is always trying to help all her students. She was the most understanding teacher I ever had. She would let us pick the stuff we wanted to make and sometimes gave us recipes to make. - Cheyenne

Ms. Weeks is an amazing teacher and is inspiring. - Victoria

Mrs. Newland always makes sure that her students understand.

Ms. Weeks has been very understanding and a great sub for our lab class the past couple months.

Mrs. Conrad has helped instill confidence in me. I feel that she really cares about me, and has a passion for what she teaches. - Ayzlan

Mr. Lacher is my media teacher in the afternoon and for the earlier 3 quarters I was lazy and didn't work much because I was always distracted. This quarter is different, I'm sitting at all A's. He believed in me when not many did and I appreciate that so I think he deserves it for helping me save myself from failure. - Bradley

Ms. Shellenberger helps and does hands-on things with us.

Mr. Carrig has helped me when I needed it in class. - Robert

Mrs. Conrad is an awesome teacher and helps every student understand what she's teaching. She's caring and very helpful. Our lab is very time consuming and stressful but somehow she manages to deal with it and never fails us. I don't think anyone could do it better than she is. She has helped get us more one-on-one time with the animals. Our whole lab loves her. - Haylee

Mrs. Conrad is a great teacher. The best I've ever had pretty much. We are not just learning vocab and caring for the animals, but learning how to do veterinary check ups, how to apply our new knowledge, etc. She is very caring, nice and considerate too. - Sarah

Mrs.Conrad goes above and beyond to make sure the lab is running smoothly and that we will be successful after Hi-Point. She believes in all of us and always pushes us to be the best that we can academically. - Caroline

Ms. Weeks is the best sub anyone could ask for. She's super sweet and actually teaches us about many things that could hep us in our lives she really cares abut every student and is very invested in our learning. - Audrie

Mrs. Swaney does little stuff to make your work easier and stays on your butt and she's just a sweet lady.

I would like to recognize Mike Kouse due to the fact of him being a caring, hardworking, and loving educator. If it were not for Mr. Kouse, I would have never discovered my passion for robotics, nor would have I learned all of the valuable material, and job skills that will continue to go with me my entire life. Also because of him, I am a SkillsUSA officer, a Student Delegate, and a member of NTHS. He has served at Ohio Hi-Point for 25 years, and will be retiring within a month. Mr. Kouse is truly the greatest teacher, if not one of the greatest human beings I know, because of him, this year has truly been the best year of school I have ever had. - Logan

Mrs. Conrad makes it fun to learn one way or another. Plus she made it through her first day like a champ. She also makes us laugh constantly.

Mr. Hess continues to support and help students even when it's not required. - Mason

Mrs. Ramey helped with my diabetes. - Jack

Mr. Alig helped out a lot and taught us very well.

Mrs. Conrad has done an amazing job getting to build a relationship with all of her students. She has done a tremendous job teaching us the proper way to care and manage animals in and outside of lab. She has even gone out of her way to make sure our animals got bigger and safer cages. She cares about us and is amazing at teaching us new things. - Lily

Mr. Barger is a chill bro. - Landyn

Ms. Weeks makes class fun and enjoyable. 

Mrs. Conrad has helped me start to believe in myself. - Emberly

Mrs. Conrad has poured her heart and soul into teaching and caring for both students and animals in lab. She even used her own time and money to help us put together enrichment projects for our animals to play in. She has put so much effort into getting the lab clean and organized. We are all super happy with her as a teacher and she works with all of us very well. She teaches us what it will be like in the real world and is teaching us valuable life lessons and skills for us to further our careers after high school. - Lily

Ms. Shellenberger is such a hard working women and she does everything she can to keep her students on track. She is loving and treats us like her own kids. I am proud to say I'd spend another school year with her. - Micaela

Mr. Barger treats not just me but the class as a whole like family. - Anthony

Ms. Conrad has made such a difference in the lives of the students and animals in lab, and she truly cares for all of us. She’s almost like a second mother to me. - Taylor

Mr. Lacher has always made his best effort to encourage me to do what I love for a living, never telling me it's out of reach. - Morgan

Mrs. Sizemore is always willing to help her students with the work that they have. This is super important during this time.

Mr. Carpenter gave us real-world projects and would take us off camps to work in the industry, teaching us all kind of skills.

Señor Mejia is the most easy going person at OHP. He keeps his cool and has great patience. I hope he continues to crush it everyday.

Chef Beale helps me in the kitchen with recipes. 

Dr. Robinson has always been there to help me out. If I ever had a problem with anything, whether it was in my personal life or in my educational life, he would walk me through it and help me find a solution.

Mr. Kouse is an amazing teacher. He should be recognized for or his 25 years of great service to Ohio Hi-point and his guidance in shaping the futures of students. - Cheyann

Mrs. Swaney has kept me so positive which made it easier for me to finish my work. - Paetyn

Ms. Johnson is a great teacher and a great person. She made class so much easier and life in general so much easier. She's very flexible in class work and understands when we've had a rough time. She makes every thing a bit more relatable and I couldn't ask for a better anatomy teacher. - Skye

Not only does Dr. Robinson take pride in what he does, he is also passionate about what he teaches. He makes it interesting while everyone is involved in a class discussion, making it easier to learn. Dr. Robinson cares about all of his students and is always willing to listen to us complain. 😬

Mrs. Myers pushed me throughout my whole last year at OHP just so I can walk across that stage with my diploma in my hand.