Flexible Learning Plan

In response to public health concerns and creating the most proactive and consistent educational option for students from 14 partner schools in five counties, Ohio Hi-Point is offering a Flexible Learning Plan for the 2020-21 school year. 

The Flexible Learning Plan is a blend of face-to-face and independent/remote learning. The goal of the plan is to safely maximize the amount of hands-on learning time our students receive in our career technical labs while also engaging in a flipped classroom environment for academics. OHP’s Flexible Learning Plan will prepare students to be career-ready by building more independence and personal responsibility in learning. This shift in instructional practice requires instructors to be facilitators of learning while students take more ownership for their own education. OHP’s Flexible Learning Plan provides face-to-face and remote learning environments in career programs and academics for all of our students.

Flexible Learning Plan Flyer

With a blend of face-to-face and remote learning, students will experience a college-like atmosphere and format as they focus on their career "major" while on campus and complete their core academics for graduation. Students are engaged in learning five days per week with support from instructors. 

When on campus, students spend nearly 4 four hours in their career program lab and about two hours of academics a day, spending an hour in each academic area during the week. On remote learning days, students participate in a flipped classroom environment where they will be introduced to concepts, short lectures, and more to prepare for their face-to-face class time. Students are required to log hours and complete the activities assigned by the teacher.

OHP views remote learning as a blend of teacher-directed and student initiated learning that is completed off-campus. Learning through virtual environments and on their own time is expected through a variety of curriculum options. The Flexible Learning Plan provides students 50% face-to-face class time and 50% independent/remote learning.

Delivering a college-like atmosphere

We're excited to give our students more instructional time in their career program per day with the new Flexible Learning Plan. Students will attend sessions in their career program lab in the mornings and afternoons! 

Like college, students will focus on their career "major" spending nearly 4 hours a day while on campus in their career program. Lunch and two academic courses per day take place in the middle of the school day. Attendance is important to ensure learning mastery in their career "major" and face-to-face classes are heavily focused on hands-on projects.

A sample class schedule is below for a junior student attending Mondays and Wednesdays. The alternating Friday class schedule will be provided to students during the first days of school. 

On Campus, Face-To-Face Class schedule

OHP's Flexible Learning Plan establishes a schedule for our students to spend 2-3 days on-campus per week. The face-to-face class schedule for students in below. 

Junior students attend on-campus classes on Mondays and Wednesday as well as every other Friday. Senior students attend on-campus classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as every other Friday. Juniors and seniors alternate every other Friday for on-campus classes. Fridays will include additional help and remediation as well as face-to-face time with teachers. When on campus, the schedule allows our students to spend 8-10 hours in the career program per week as well as 4 hours in academics per week. 

The full school calendar with alternating Fridays labeled is below: 

Delivering Education

Students experience the blend of face-to-face, independent learning and real-world application as the roles of teacher and student shift in a flexible learning environment. This type of learning relies on a mix of instructional strategies and requires students to complete their work on- and off-campus. 

In career program labs, instructors can spend time preparing students to pass specific industry credentials while ensuring they have time to practice skills that employers need. In academic courses, teachers will support students as they develop related academic skills needed for career success. Intervention specialists, counselors, teachers, and aides will continue to support students with special needs. All students will continue to work toward meeting state and local graduation requirements.

Teacher & student Roles 

The roles of teacher and student shift in a blended learning environment. Students are engaged in learning five days per week with support from instructors.

Teacher Roles: 

  • Facilitates instruction and learning
  • Provides relevant curriculum-aligned learning activities
  • Monitors and reports student progress toward mastery
  • Supports all students as they learn
  • Creates real-world related learning activities
  • Schedules independent learning activities

Student Roles: 

  • Initiates and owns learning
  • Engages in all learning activities
  • Tracks personal progress weekly
  • Asks for help when necessary
  • Participates in scheduled online meetings
  • Maintains school as primary priority


The focus of on-campus learning is to help students develop mastery of CTE and academic standards. Independent/remote learning activities are varied and designed to enrich overall learning objectives and assess student skills. Official attendance will be calculated based on face-to-face and independent learning days. 


  • Attendance is important to ensure learning mastery. Students will spend 8-10 hours per week in their career program lab and 4-6 hours per week in academics.
  • Students must follow social distancing and other health safety measures.
  • Students need to engage daily with on-campus instructor support.
  • Students will maximize on-campus learning activities.


  • Students will spend at least 2 hours per academic course per week.Students will spend approximately 4 hours per week for CT courses.
  • Students will complete independent activities in preparation for on-campus days.
  • Students need to set and maintain a learning routine.
  • Students will log in daily for attendance

Remote Learning

Ohio Hi-Point is offering an online learning option only for families that do not wish to participate in the Flexible Learning Plan due to medical issues. If you and your family prefer an online only learning model, please complete this short form