Ohio Hi-Point’s Media Arts program at Riverside was recently awarded three grants from the Logan County Education Foundation (LCEF). The LCEF supports educational excellence in the community by awarding grants to educators and scholarships to students. OHP’s Media Arts instructor, Michelle Weadock, coordinated the grant submissions to create additional educational activities for students.

The first grant received is a team grant in the amount of $500 for a community service project. OHP’s Media Arts students will partner with the Business and Administrative Services and Agribusiness and Production Systems satellite programs at Riverside to build and fill a blessing box. Collectively, the students will promote the project through BPA and FFA.

The second grant is in the amount of $500 to bring Matt Marinchick, a singer-songwriter from Nashville, to the high school to spend the day working with the Media Arts students on songwriting as well as learning more about broadcasting/audio. A community music event will be held in the evening.

The last grant is in the amount of $1000 from the Logan County Solid Waste Management to provide a study trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The grant for the study trip is a cross-curricular activity with OHP’s Media Arts, Business and Administrative Services and Riverside’s zoology classes to see the zoo's business and promotional aspects for conservation.

The grants will bring additional real-world opportunities and experiences for students involved in the OHP satellite programs at Riverside while giving back to the community.