Student Services

We have a whole team dedicated to providing a pathway to success for all students. We are connecting education and business. We focus on helping young people understand that what they're learning in school is preparing them for their life, their employment, and their success in the future.

Career exploration

What do you like to do? What are your skills, interests and passions? You can take a career assessment, search careers online or speak with the guidance counselors at your home school and at Ohio Hi-Point.

Create a Plan

Our school counselors will work with you to help create potential career pathways. Pathways may lead directly into:

  • Your career
  • Two-year degree
  • Four-year degree

Throughout your time at Ohio Hi-Point, your lab instructor will help you meet your goals.

Connect the Dots

We'll provide the support and education to help you connect:

  • Your Education
  • Your Work Experience
  • Your Successful Career