Aviation at Grimes Airfield


In the Aviation program at  Grimes Airfield in Hanger 6 (Urbana Airport), students learn the principles of flight, navigation, weather, aircraft design and construction.Those enrolling at Grimes Airfield also have the opportunity to work with real aircraft at a working airports. Students will repair sheet metal, paint, weld, machine, grind, rivet, recover, sew, form, punch, dill, troubleshoot and assemble aircraft parts and components onto real flying aircraft. Students will study Flight and Ground operations and participate in the restoration of a historic WWII B-17 and other vintage aircraft. Students will explore each of the principles through study and hands-on experiments. Students use CAD software and 3D printing technology along with Aircraft Flight Simulation Trainers. 

Program Activities
  • Learn and apply basic aviation maintenance skills
  • Use various construction methods and materials
  • Study Private Pilot Ground School and Flight Operations
  • Design and build various aviation parts,
  • components, and assemblies
  • Restore a B-17 aircraft
  • Work in a real aircraft repair workshop
Career Pathways 

( Salaries based on www.salary.com - Aerospace)

  • Airport Manager ($60,000)
  • Aircraft Mechanic ($68,000)
  • Aeronautical Engineer ($75,000)
  • Aircraft (Jet) Mechanic ($86,000)
  • Commercial Pilot ($95,000)
  • Airline Pilot ($136,000)
REquired Courses

Grimes Airfield - Hanger 6 (Urbana Airport)

  • Aviation General
  • Pilot Training
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Aviation Powerplants
Industry recognized credentials 
  • Remote Pilot Certification (14 CFR Part 107)
  • Private Pilot Ground School Certification
  • Private Pilot Certification
College Partnerships
  • Sinclair Community College 


Mark A. Curtner
Aviation Instructor
(937) 726-1244
Grimes Airfield - Hanger 6
1636 N. Main St.
Urbana, Oh 43078