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Ohio Hi-Point's application for the 2020-21 school year is open!

Join a community of problem solvers and go-getters. At Ohio Hi-Point, you'll find hands-on learning in hi-tech labs, strong academics that blend with your career program, and a commitment to your success that stretches far beyond graduation. You can earn free college credits and valued industry credentials to stand out on college and job applications while still in high school. 

Seats are limited in our programs, so it's important to apply early. Applications are reviewed and ranked based on credits toward graduation, GPA, and attendance.  

Click the link below, create an account, fill out the information (double-check your email, phone, and address), and click "submit" to complete your application. 


Virtual Tour

Explore OHP's programs through 360 photos and videos as our virtual tour goes live! Click through our program labs, watch student videos, and see what's in store for you at OHP. Explore Campus Now!

Connect with Us!

We encourage you to complete a career program interest form so we can stay in touch with program updates and events.

Virtual Admission Office Hours
We'd love to talk to you about specific programs, certifications, college credit, or any other questions you might have about OHP. Schedule a meeting with Mrs. Webb in the admissions department today!

Talk to Mrs. Webb

Hi! I'm Mrs. Webb and I work in the admissions department at OHP. Career exploration is a great way to find out what you're passionate about, what you're good at and how those two things can fuse together for a successful future. I'd love to chat and answer your questions!

360 Virtual Tour
Explore OHP's programs through 360 photos and videos as our virtual tour goes live! Click through our program labs, watch student videos, and see what's in store for you at OHP.
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Application for Admission 
Submit your application for the 2021-2022 school year. Spots are limited in each of our career programs, so it's important to apply early. Applications are reviewed and ranked on credits towards graduation, GPA, and attendance. 
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What Can OHP Do For You?

Whatever your pathway: employment, enrollment, or enlistment, OHP can help you reach your goals through hands-on, real world application. 

Industry Certifications
You'll have the opportunity to earn professional certifications, putting you in an ideal spot while job hunting since employers look for candidates with the necessary qualifications rather than paying for certifications classes.

College Credit
You can earn college credits through options such as College Credit Plus, articulated credit, and CTAG credit, easing or erasing the burden of student loan debt. Right now, OHP has CCP courses in English, Math, and Science.

Career Mentors
Our Work-Based Learning program (formerly School-to-Work) is for our high achieving students who have good grades and attendance to leave during the school day to work in their chosen career field. This is an excellent networking opportunity to gain career mentors. 

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Get Started With Your Application

We encourage students to apply early as programs fill quickly! Applications are reviewed and ranked basked on credits towards graduation, GPA, and attendance. 

It's easy to apply! Click the "Apply" link and create an account. Then, fill out all the fields required (please double-check your email, phone, and home address). Finally, submit your application. Your partner school counselor will provide us with your transcript (with grades from your freshman year and the first semester of your sophomore year). Our counselors and admissions team will review your application and transcript, and admission decisions will start to go out in mid-February. 

Programs Available

Robots, animals, tool belts, stethoscopes, chef coats, and DSLR cameras help create our educational atmosphere. You'll spend 2.5 hours per day in your specific career pathway, gaining valuable industry credentials earning college credits. Since our students spend half of their school day in their career program and the other half completing their academic courses, you can only select one career program to enroll in at OHP. 

Start your career exploration and learn about the programs we offer on the Bellefontaine Main Campus.

Ohio Hi-Point also offers one-year programs (for high school seniors) in the following areas:

  • Automotive (ASE Certifications)
  • Construction (NCCER Certification)
  • Exercise Science (Physical Therapy Aide)
  • HVAC (NCCER Certification)
  • Ohio Certified Nursery Technician
  • Outdoor Careers (NCCER Certification and Equipment Operations)
  • Medical Professions (Phlebotomy)

Admission Guidelines

Applications are reviewed and ranked based on credits towards graduation, GPA, and attendance. The state limits the number of seats allowed in our career programs, so it's important to apply early and keep up on your studies. If you’re not accepted, you may be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.

Students applying must be on track to earn enough high school credits for graduation (8 credits for sophomore status, 12 credits for junior status) and meet one of the following minimum requirements: minimum cumulative GPA of 1.5 out of a 4.0 scale, or less than 36 missed days of school in the past two years.

Admission Decisions

Students are encouraged to apply early so they can be reviewed in the first wave of admission decisions, which will be sent via mail and email in mid- to late February. A student can receive the following admission decisions: 

  • Accepted - Congratulations! You meet requirements for the career program and seats are available. Your acceptance is contingent upon a successful remainder of the school year.
  • Wait List - You've met requirements, but all the program seats are filled. You can choose to remain on the wait list in the event a seat becomes available, or ask about seat availability in a different program. Your application will then be reviewed and ranked within the new program of choice.  
  • Credit Deficient - You have not reached the minimum amount of core credits required for enrollment (8 core credits for junior status and 12 core credits for senior status). Please talk with your counselor about credit recovery. An updated transcript showing the credit recovery can be reviewed at the end of the school year. 
  • Denied - You have not reached the minimum amount of core credit required and/or do not meet GPA and attendance requirements.