"Connecting Your Passions, Your Dreams"

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

We are incredibly thankful for the dedicated and talented staff at Ohio Hi-Point. Our teachers challenge our students and celebrate the "eureka!" moments. They push our students to unlock their potential and provide guidance when the day gets tough. Our teachers believe in a hands-on education and cultivate the critical thinking skills to breakdown problems and create solutions. In essence, our teachers - the best teachers - are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.

We asked our students to share their appreciation for our staff, and here's what they had to say.

Mr. Gilbert makes sure you have everything completed, even in other classes & helps tremendously with anything and everything you need. He truly cares about the wellbeing of his students.  - Jadelynn Craig

Mrs. Sizemore always helps me in any subject I need help in and is such a great teacher! - Kerstin Smith


Craig Conley has helped me with not only personal issues but takes time out of his lesson to personally help me or further elaborate on things discussed in lecture. He always starts the class period with a clean slate and a huge smile. – Abbigail Hamilton

Mr. Robinson makes connections with his students and he is always willing to talk to students about anything they need. - Haylee Jordan

Mrs. Walls is a teacher and a friend to all of her students. She welcomes all students with an open heart and is very understanding. – Evinn Holycross

Ms. Johnson is honestly one, if not the, best teacher I have ever had. I use to hate lecture style classes, but she's made hers enjoyable. I love the one-on-one time she has with students and how she tries to help the class whether it's review or work days. - Aly Inskeep


Ms. Curley has made herself a part of my life since before the beginning of my junior year. When I met Ms.Curley I was going through a rough time. In dealing with these issues, Ms.Curley was always considerate and assured me that my opportunities here at Ohio Hi-Point would not be dimmed due to my life at home. From the moment I applied to the Animal Science Lab to today, I have received nothing but love and support at the hands of my instructor. She has shown me the potential I have in this school and in my own personal life. Ms. Curley has made an immense difference in my life and deserves so much recognition for all of what she does for not only me but the entire lab. – Chloe Peters


Mr. Conley let us know how much he cared about our education from day one, and that he was here to help us do more than just pass some tests and get through high school. He works hard to make sure that we’re educated about the things we need to know and finds a way to help everyone. He also does an amazing job explaining things to anyone who needs help or has questions. Finally, he also is amazing with working to help kids who need any type of accommodation to work better. He followed through with his word at the beginning of the year and I am grateful for that. - Hannah Louck





Ms. Shellenberger (Ms. S) deserves to be recognized due to her extreme dedication to us students and genuine motivation to see the success of our future goals and dreams. She has not only the most passion in the work place than any other educator I've ever had, but also the most compassion and mercy for those that need the most guidance. I know I can speak on behalf of all the junior cosmetology kids that Ms. S dreams for those of us who can't dream for themselves and does whatever she possibly can to facilitate the dreams of those of us who can. She always goes way above and beyond all of the requirements of her job because a paycheck or position is not what rests on her mind instead, seeing the success of her "kids" is what she considers the ultimate reward. - Adrian Blanken


Mr. Lacher works very hard to make sure the students that want to do well are on the right path to where they’re going. He’s helped me a lot find out what I want to do and has taught me so much in the two years that I’ve been here. – Shawn Stump


Mr. Marstellar showed me the jobs out there and is always giving me ideas what to do after school. - Dylan


Ms. Schneider manages to make even a math class fun and entertaining. – Justin Rice


Mrs. Curley has really helped me with my studies and finding ways to further my career. – Skylah Plank


Mr. Carpenter has went over and beyond in our lab for us. He has taught us so much and he is always there for you. He's a hard working and a dedicated person who deserves the best. – Joshua Mays


Ms. Stahl is understanding, and takes time to get to know her students. This is the most important step to get kids to have the DESIRE to learn. She has done this for me even as my advisory teacher. – Crissy Todd


Mr. Crawford is always there when you need him.


Mr. Kouse He’s a great instructor and helps keep me on track for my future. 


Mrs. Smith is probably the best teacher I have had this year. - Ashley Birt


Mr. Lacher is very good at what he does and also amazing at teaching it to others! There’s never a dull moment in his class and everyday is always an interesting lab. – Gavin Amspaugh


Mr. Gilbert is all around a good person. He has bestowed wisdom upon me and all of my classmates. Every day in Mr. Gilbert's class is a great day. – Trent Devine

Mr. Barger has the experience and because of this he has many valuable lessons to teach us and many life lessons that we will carry with us into the workforce. – Hunter Long

Mr. Wilson is an amazing lab instructor. He is a really nice person and he's good at helping students with parts of a engine and he helps students out when they are upset. He always has a funny story to tell, and he's a hard worker. – Alicia Smith


Ms. Schneider is always willing to help students. She is super sweet and kind and makes class a lot more enjoyable and provides a comfortable learning environment for everyone. - Lily Miele


Dr. Robinson expanded my ideas and ways of thinking. - Charles Hicks


Mr. Gilbert is nice and fair with all of his students. He treats us like we're young adults, and shows us respect. He makes his lessons fun, and we always learn with him. He is a great teacher, and I wouldn't be the student I am today if I hadn't had these two years with him. – Samantha Neeley


Mr. Conley has always believed in me as a student even when I am slacking off and not doing my work. – Caylie Landon


Mr. Lacher taught me that life's not going to be easy and some things people are asked to do might be impossible, but even though it may seem impossible put forth the effort and do the best you can. – Charles (Skyler) Kuch

Mrs. Harlan helped me stay focused on what I want in the future even if I felt like I couldn't move past the bump in the road....she cares so much about her students. – Skybree


Ms. Elkins believed in me more at times when I personally did not and she always pushes me to do my best and to never give up. – Madison Bell


Mrs. Preston is the nicest teacher who helps us finish our work and succeed. – Scott Newland

Mrs. Young not only helped me a lot individually, but she also made sure that everyone was OK mentally, and if they were having a bad day she would do her best to make it better.


Mr. Harman was able to help me through all the subjects I struggled with last year. A lot of teachers are hard to follow and he was able to break it down enough so that I understood. – Cori Grimes


Mrs. Shellenberger (Ms. S) is the most patient and caring person I have ever met. She loves and accepts everyone she meets, and she always greets you with a smile. I could honestly write a book about Ms. S and why she deserves to be recognized. She sees potential in everyone and is so supportive. She doesn't just teach cosmetology, she teaches life lessons that can help anyone. Because of her, I am working on being a better me. She is a beautiful, patient, sweet, intelligent, caring, outgoing, & wise instructor & friend. Like I said, I could go on & on about how wonderful Ms. S is. - Ashlyn Hall


Mrs. Simmons pushes you to do your best and achieve what you want, she relates to you on real world issues and she takes the time to get to know her students and understand them also. She doesn't get angry when you're a little behind in your class, but helps us solve any issues we're having. She is very understanding and an amazing teacher. – Raven Slone


Ms. Schneider is an awesome teacher, probably the best one I've had since 5th grade. 

Mr. Newland has always been kind to every student he talks to. He has set up all the job fairs and even brought my new employer to one. He has helped so many students start their career still in school. – Gaige Sheeley

Mr. Alig is definitely a great teacher. He loves to help everyone to make sure they are good and ready to start a new day. He always cracks me up and makes me smile. P.S. THE BEST AUTOMOTIVE TEACHER EVER!!!! – Cortney Floyd


Ms. Patterson is my science teacher and she has been my favorite academic all year! she has also helped me with other classes she has so many cool stories. - Gaige Sheeley 

Ms. Elkins is that type of person to think about others before herself! I would like to thank her for putting her students in front of herself. – Madison Boggs

Mr. Conley IS A BEAST!!!!!!! – Mr. NateDogg


Mr. Gilbert constantly supports his students and brightens the day of everybody around him. He’s made a huge impact on my life and I’m grateful for the semester I had with him. – Paige Couch


Mr. Carpenter knew this is the best place for me to be if I want to have a good job in the landscape industry. – Steven Baer

Mr. Gilbert has a beautiful heart, he goes above and beyond for his students. – Cheyenne Muncy


Mrs. Young has helped me with a lot of things that make me more successful. – Victoria Wohlgamuth


Ms. Heitmeyer taught me everything I know about being an STNA & about patient care. – Jadelynn Craig

Mr. Lacher will put his students and their needs before his own. He will take the time out of his busy schedule and make sure that you are understanding the criteria that is being taught. He has taught me many skills that you will use in the future; communication, people skills, and hard work. – Kiarra Coats


Mr. Kouse has helped me through a lot of difficult situations when it comes to my education. He's helped me realize my potential and has lead me in a direction that will help me get setup easily in my future. – Harley Adkins

Ms. Block listens and cares about what's happening to us outside of this building. - Jane Doe

Mrs. Young works to help everyone and tries to understand what works best for them. 


Mrs. Weadock has taken me under her wing since Freshman year and has helped me with every little thing at all times. She has always helped me to shape myself into the best person and has prepared me so much for college. She is very reliable and helps me out with a ton and knows how to answer all of my questions. I think that she deserves this appreciation and I will always appreciate everything she does and continues to do for me. – Bridgette Helmlinger


Mr. Schneider makes sure all her students fully understand the material she's teaching! - Lily Cooksey

Mr. Davis is quiet, but I appreciate his teaching style & he's always willing to help someone when they have questions. He can be pretty funny at times and I'll be sad to see him leave after this year. He makes math seem so easy and he tries to apply it to real situations so that not all the content seems useless. You can tell that he loves his subject & he should be recognized for that. 


Mrs. Deel is one of a kind. She goes above and beyond her job to make government fun to learn. I could always count on her to listen to me if I was having a bad day or just needed to talk about things, She strives to watch her students learn new and different things. Her dedication towards her students is crazy she tries to make sure all of her students are interested in what they are learning. Even though we get off topic a lot she is not a pushover she makes sure her students have there work done and put in all there effort into it. I just want to say thanks for pushing me to my limits, making me to strive for my future that I would like to behold. - Gage Adkins

Mr. Carrig has put a lot of time and hard work into the SkillsUSA group. He treated our group as his own and never let us feel down about our selves if we missed something during practices. He made us better people about it. His friendly smile always put a smile on my face and I really could not thank him enough for everything he has done for our group. – Hallie Johnson

Ms. King is always uplifting and understanding. – Cori Grimes


Mr. Crawford is always positive and kind to all students.


Ms. S is more of a mother figure and I learn the best from her. - Shelby

Mr. Hess is an excellent teacher. – Dakota Minnich


Ms. Oelker is very passionate about her students and her job. She's kind to every student and makes sure we are all doing okay in and outside the classroom. Ms. Oelker is a great teacher and goes above and beyond. She has been there for me through difficult events that have happened this school year and I greatly appreciate everything that she has done for me. Ms. Oelker is a very hard working, compassionate, and loving teacher. She made this year great for me and many other students. We all appreciate her. - Hanna Logsdon


Mrs. Elliott is always helping students and making sure we understand what we're preparing and doing for events and catering. - Harley

Mr. Gilbert treats me like a human being. - Raven Beair


Mr. Kouse is amazing in his field. He helps his students who ask for it and it means a lot to me that he helps me when he can. – William Pepple


Mrs. Preston is always going out her way to help others. She will always work with you in the easiest ways possible. Mrs. Preston is a big fan of education and really cares about doing the right thing. – Austin McCoy


Mr. Peterson and I get along great and have nice conversations. Sometimes he scares me when he talk about judo! - Hunter Reid


Mrs. Heitmeyer is has been there for all of us seniors for two years and is the reason I am where I am today. – Haylee Jordan


Ms. Elkins has massively improved my knowledge in the healthcare field. – Zachary Mullins

Mr. Gilbert is my therapist when I need it. He cares about his students. 


Mrs. Beale is very understanding when there is a problem. - Stephanie Marshall

Ms. S prioritizes every students' needs and is understanding and helpful when it comes to teaching us new things. I have never had a teacher who is so willing to help me, as an individual, succeed in school. She has taught me so many things this year and I look up to her! - Naomi Cook


I'd like to recognize Mr. Krock most of all for his mercy. Throughout all of my years of education I have never come across a teacher that has been able to handle all kinds of students in such a compassionate way. I was always taught to treat all your teachers and authority with the upmost highest respect, but sadly that is not the case for everyone. However, Mr. Krock has never given up on his students no matter how high or low their motivation level might be. He genuinely cares for his students from all backgrounds and makes a serious attempt at understanding their lifestyle although it may differ greatly from his own. On the other hand though, Mr. Krock is not a push-over. He knows when to give mercy and compassion to the kids that truly earn and deserve it, and he also knows how to put down boundaries for the students that take advantage of his kind character. I personally am beyond grateful for all Mr. Krock has done for me this year because without his persistent determination to help me learn the very challenging concept of chemistry I would've never been able to conquer the course. We have had our moments- as does any other student and teacher, but overall I have definitely enjoyed my junior year here at Ohio Hi-Point and Mr. Krock definitely played a major part in making that happen. - Adrian Blanken


Mr. Gilbert helped me prepare for my future and feel more confident when looking for jobs. He also provided interesting and passionate discussions on a variety of topics. 


Mr. Mejia is very helpful to all the students and enjoys talking to us and working with us so we can get the best education possible. He’s very understanding and is always happy to work around our lab and state events.