"Connecting Your Passions, Your Dreams"

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

We are incredibly thankful for the dedicated and talented staff at Ohio Hi-Point. Our teachers challenge our students and celebrate the "eureka!" moments. They push our students to unlock their potential and provide guidance when the day gets tough. Our teachers believe in a hands-on education and cultivate the critical thinking skills to breakdown problems and create solutions. In essence, our teachers - the best teachers - are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.

We asked our students to share their appreciation for our staff, and here's what they had to say.

Mr. Gilbert has really made a difference within my education, helping me stay organized and on track for my future career.

Mrs. Wright is always helpful, and radiates positive energy throughout the day.

Craig Conley is a well spoken and fair teacher when it comes to understanding student problems. – Christopher Foust

Mr. Robinson made a good impression on me when looking at psychology and sociology. He has made it easier to understand such complex subjects and he puts a lot of hard work in everything he does.

Mrs. Walls genuinely cares about her students and puts in extra time and effort to help anyone in any way. – Lexi Dunn

Mrs. Sizemore helps me whenever I need it and helps make sure I turn my work in and keep my grades up! Mrs. Sizemore has made senior year great.

Towards the end of this year I wanted a career change that pertained to some of the stuff that Mrs. Heitmeyer teaches. She helped me talk about what I wanted to do and get a plan together. – Lexi Stewart

Ms. Simmons has not only made my English 11 a great experience, she made it an enjoyable experience. She made me enjoy english when I once hated it. She's such a bright, smiley teacher and I always felt welcomed and at home in her classroom. She helped in every way possible to help me reach my goals, and she's also an great helper. Mrs. Simmons is not only an amazing teacher, but she's a great friend and I'm beyond blessed that she was my English 11 teacher! – Hallie Johnson

Mr. Lacher is there to guide and help you become better at what you do. He recognizes what you are interested in and encourages you to pursue that interest. He cares about his class and students as well as individual attention to his student. He is a true inspiration to my classmates and I. I couldn't choose a better instructor to have for my final years!

Mr. Carrig has help a lot of people not only in my lab but outside of my lab as well. – Reed Austin

Mr. Kouse is a fun teacher and helps people with their work when they're stuck.

Mrs. Gessler pushes us to be the best we can be. She believes in each and every single one of us. – Lori

Mrs. Curley has influenced me never to give up on what I believe in and push forward through the hard stuff. – Kiersten Clerico

Mr. Carpenter really makes sure you know what he is teaching and is always there when you need help. – Joshua Mays

Mr. Davis is one of the best teachers I’ve had and really makes sure that we get the subject that he is teaching to us before he moves on. – Caylie Landon

Mrs. Wright helps even when she has a class, and allows us time if we don't understand, to practice more.

Mrs. Gonglik has helped me get though some tough times and made me look on the brighter side of life. Even when I was going through a tough time in my life she was right there by my side to help me through it all. – Elizabeth Wahl

Mrs. Curley has done everything to help me get to where I want to be.

Mr. Lacher set me on my career path that I honestly had no idea I'd find.He's just an all round great human being and does his best to balance everything and talk to all of us at the same time. He's taught valuable skills in our field of work as well as given some very important life lessons.
He made my time here at Hi-Point so far the best two years of my life. I'm glad I've had him as an instructor. – Johnathan Elliott

Mr. Gilbert has helped me get in to poetry more than I already am. He also lets us have freedom when it comes to writing. – Victoria Morgan Layne Pine-Moore

Mrs. Oelker is always there to help, whether it be class or homework. She always helps me to figure out the answers and gives me advice on how to find the rest of them. She respects my opinion and always helps me when I have a problem. – Samantha Neeley

Mr. Alig is always a go-to guy when it comes to anything. He's taught me things on how to work with others better, communication skills with employees at work and how to be a mechanic in general. – Austin Pence

Ms. Simmons is always understanding as to what's going on in your life and understands that things happen and we're not always prepared for them.

Mr. Robinson teaches his classes in-depth and modifies the course to fit his students' needs. He also offers advice when you need help or have questions. He stays calm and does not show opinions or favoritism.

Mr. Gilbert works so hard throughout the year and he's done everything and more to teach us what we would need outside and inside of school for college and real life. He's done a phenomenal job this year and without him I probably wouldn't be where I'm at. – Lacey Hendrickson

Mr. Conley has been a very supportive mentor to me and to many other students. He continues to challenge us and keeps us wanting to do better. His lessons are very conversational and he treats us with the decency and respect that he would give to any other person. – Gabrielle Fisher

Mr. Lacher is literally better than any teacher. – Wes Rose

Mr. Lacher has made my two years here the best they could have ever been. Nothing but good laughs and jokes. He's the best teacher! – Amanda Faulkner

Mr. Kouse is the constant reminder for upcoming events because he cares about us students to succeed and graduate. – Chance Price

Mrs. Walls has taught me a lot I never knew. She never gave up and made sure we knew what we needed to know. – Shellby Mays

Mr. Robinson makes history fun. I enjoy what I am learning and I receive time to work on other work if I am ahead.

Mr. Conley is always in a good mood and makes sure everyone is doing their work (but in a fun way). This man actually influenced me to take economics. I've been in bad moods and he'll take time to talk to me in the hallway. The man's a teaching legend. – Nathan Wright

Mrs. Heitmeyer has been a huge help and encouragement to me since I started coming to Ohio Hi-Point.

Mrs. Wright encourages my hopes and dreams as well as makes me believe I can make a difference in the world. – Paige Couch

Mrs. Curley has changed my life drastically. – Destiny Shinkle

Mr. Lacher has pushed me to work harder and try things I never knew but always let me struggle and problem solve on my own before he would help to teach me. – Ethan Edwards

Mr. Conley is always in a good mood, and helps students out the best he can. He cares enough to connect with students. – Dylan Ramsey

Mr. Badenhop is a great mentor and teacher. – Savanna

Mrs. Heitmeyer is there for her students through the good and bad times. She pushes them to be strong and independent. – Alexis Wolf

Mrs. Godwin always checks on me. – Taylor Parker

Mrs. Curley has helped me figure which career is best for me, and she always lets me know if she thinks any upcoming opportunity would be good for me. Like intellectual camps or job shadow options. – Samantha Neeley

Sometimes I need help and Mrs. Olker helps me understand right away. – Aubrey Schaffner

Mr. Lacher makes a difference in my day, and my education career unlike any other teacher. – Isaiah Taylor

Mr. Carrig is one of the most practical, no-nonsense, and unfiltered teachers I've met. – Jacob Lewis

Mrs. Preston was able to help me like English more than I thought.

Mr. Newland allowed me to learn a lot this year in Auto Collision. He is a fun teacher and when something is bothering one of his students he tries to figure out the best way to help them. – Liz Ordean

Mr. Gilbert pushes himself super hard to help any and every student that's struggling. Even if they are not a student of his he is willing to help, he does not let any student fail and wants the absolute best for all of his students. I really enjoy going to his class each day and I know I can rely on him for anything. – Makayla Cayot

Mr. Robinson lets you say your opinion on the matter and then directs you in the direction he wants you in for the discussion. He is very respectful towards the students and shows that he cares for you.

Mr. Lacher has helped me with my career pursuits and has given me advice on what to do when I graduate High School. – Shaina Huffman

Mrs. Preston, when I was going through a rough time, went to guidance asking what she could do to help and that meant the absolute world to me. – Taylor Hall

Mr. Carrig is a really good teacher. – Nicole Watkins

Mr. Conley is a beast.

Ms. Simmons teaches in a way that I grew to love and I love her book collection. Also she puts up with a lot from us and still manages to smile at the end of the day. She is the best teacher I have this year. – Danean Wilson

Mrs. Young challenges us but helps us to better learn the material.

Mr. Carrig is the most straightforward get 'er done and unfiltered teacher I've ever had.

Mr. Lacher is always someone who I believe is always focused on the student and whats best for them. He has also taught many things that go beyond the lab skills things to help you be successful in life. Mr. Lacher has provided me with a toolbox of skills and experiences to use for the rest of my life. For that I am forever grateful. – Carter Aten