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Engineering Academy

Ohio Hi-Point's Engineering Academy is a unique blend of engineering and manufacturing, giving students several options to find success in a career and college pathway.  

During your junior year, you’ll gain the foundation of all things engineering. Then, your senior year, you’ll branch out into the Smart Technology Engineering side of the house - focusing on designing, programming, and execution -- or the Manufacturing side of the house -- learning how to troubleshoot, perform maintenance and execute the manufacturing process. 

The goal of the program is to provide a strong technical foundation; learning skills that include design, maintenance, troubleshooting, robotics and computer systems. Students create and program robots to compete in the annual National Robotics Competition.

The state of Ohio is turning 35 miles of U.S. 33 into a Smart Mobility Corridor to test autonomous and connected vehicle features. Skilled workers will be needed to study, create, maintain, and operate the ever-changing technology associated with autonomous vehicles. With a partnership with TRC and The Ohio State University, students in the Engineering Academy gain valuable knowledge to prepare for career success.


Hi-point has given me the foundation to be successful in a career that i once only dreamed about."

Practical Learning Experiences

With the opportunities available to earn certifications and college credit, students have a jumpstart on their futures and will be in advance standing with colleges and universities.

Students will:

  • Develop an understanding of electronics
  • Design and engineering of robotics and PLCs
  • Electronic circuit boarding
  • Design new ways to use electrical power
  • Analyze electronics system requirements

Required Courses

Below are the career-technical classes offered during this two-year program. Students may also choose to add electives to their schedule.

Year One
DC Electronics
Digital Electronics

Year Two
Computer Hardware
Networking Operating Systems
Electronics Capstone


Michael Kouse

Engineering Academy Instructor
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

Industry Certifications

Fanuc - Handling Tool Operation and Programming
10-Hour OSHA
CPR/First Aid

College Partnerships

Clark State Community College
Rhodes State College
Ohio State University-Lima

*Partnerships continue to evolve. Talk to the instructor for the most up-to-date partnerships and credit options.


Salary Potential

$46,000 (Electronics Technician)
$57,150 (Production Technician)
$60,000 (Computer Programmer)
$70,940 (Manufacturing Engineer)
$74,000 (Electrical Engineer)


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