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CTE supports and reinforces academic education. 

College Credit Plus
For current and incoming OHP students, several College Credit Plus partnerships are already secured with colleges and universities, and our school counselors can help you understand your options. Admittance is based on your college-readiness in one or more subject areas. You can attend classes in person or online.

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Academic Offerings
We offer a wide variety of classes for students to meet graduation requirements and to engage and challenge their skills in various subject areas. 

The following classes are offered on the Bellefontaine Main Campus: 


Foreign Language

Spanish I
Students are taught the basic knowledge and conversation skills. Included are verb conjugations, numbers in Spanish, sentence structures, vocabulary, pronunciation and Hispanic culture. Students will work individually, in pairs and in groups to increase conversational skills. (1/2 credit per semester)

Spanish II
Prerequisite: Spanish I
Spanish II reviews and reinforces concepts and vocabulary from Spanish I and adds new vocabulary, concepts and Hispanic culture. The course prepares students to be able to communicate not only in present tense but also in preterite (past tense). Students communicate orally in groups and as a class on a daily basis. (1/2 credit per semester)

Spanish III
Prerequisite: Spanish II
Reviews and reinforces concepts taught in Spanish II and adds new vocabulary, concepts and culture with an emphasis on present, preterite and future conjugations. Students communicate orally in groups as well as a class on a daily basis. (1/2 credit per semester)

Spanish IV
Prerequisite: Spanish III
Students will pull from Spanish I, II and III as a foundation base for Spanish IV. The class will emphasize reading and increasing oral communication while learning new vocabulary, concepts and culture. (1/2 credit per semester)


Language Arts

Basic English
(1/2 credit per semester)

College Prep English 11 & 12
(1/2 credit per semester)

College Prep English 12
Students will primarily study British Literature, but units will be grouped by sub-genre. Major projects include complete novels, a senior research paper, the career passport portfolio, frequent essays, and multimedia projects and presentations. High level thinking skills are emphasized as well as preparation for a college curriculum and proper research skills. Offers the three-credit COM 1110 (Composition I) class required by most majors. (1/2 credit per semester)

This course deals with workplace relationships, oral and visual communication skills as well as utilization of technology. Students will be expected to give multimedia presentations, speeches, and participate in group projects. (1/2 credit per semester)

Creative Writing: Advanced
This can be taken for COM 1801 (College Creative Writing) if students take the COM 1110 pre-requisite
(1/2 credit per semester)

Creative Writing: Fictional and Non-Fictional Prose
(1/2 credit per semester)

Honors English 12
Prerequisite: 3.2 GPA and by teacher recommendation only
Offers six college credits, COM 1110 (Composition) and COM 2400 (Literature). This class counts as two years of high school English credit! (1/2 credit per semester)



Algebra II
(Prerequisite: Geometry with a C or better)
Students will gain deeper understanding of algebraic ideas that include solving and graphing polynomial equations, matrices complex numbers and trigonometry. (1/2 credit per semester)

(Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus with a C or better)
Calculus will expand concepts learned in previous math courses. Modeled after college Calculus courses, students will learn the study of limits, differentiation and integration. (1/2 credit per semester)

Foundations of Algebra II
(1/2 credit per semester)

(Prerequisite: Algebra I with a C or better)
Geometry focuses on applications of geometry theorems and postulates that cover a variety of fields. Topics covered include logic and reasoning, parallels, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, similarity, right angles, trigonometry, circles, polygons, area, surface area, volume, graphing and coordinate geometry. (1/2 credit per semester)

Mathematical Modeling in STEM
(1/2 credit per semester)

(Prerequisite: Algebra II with a C or better)
Pre-Calculus topics will include solving equations and inequalities, continuity, complex numbers, logarithms and exponentials, trigonometry and probability and statistics, with a concentration on problem solving with graphing calculators. (1/2 credit per semester)


Prerequisite: Geometry or Algebra II
Physics offers students an introduction into understanding the physical world. Students will focuses not only on the theoretical aspects of force and motion, but in the application of these theories in a hands-on atmosphere. The major topics will include, but are not limited to: force, motion, work, energy, power and wave motion. This course is designed to challenge student's analytical skills. (1/2 credit per semester)

Prerequisite: Algebra I or the equivalent
This course is aligned with the Ohio Standards for chemistry/physical science and gives students the introductory knowledge of inorganic chemistry in the areas of structures of atoms, structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions, conservation of energy, and the increase of disorder and interaction of energy and matter. Students will participate in labs designed to reinforce concepts learned in class. (1/2 credit per semester)

Anatomy and Physiology
Prerequisite: Biology
This is a college level preparation course. Students will learn about the body's structures and respective functions at the molecular/biochemical, cellular, tissue, organ, systemic and organism levels. Students will participate in lab experiments, models, reports, diagrams and comparative studies of the anatomy of other organisms. Health Technology students may have the opportunity to pass the Clark State end-of-course exam for college credit. (1/2 credit per semester)

(1/2 credit per semester)

Science and Society
(1/2 credit per semester)

Physical Science II
Students will incorporate technology into analyzing mechanical, electrical, fluid and thermal systems. Lap tops will be used to regularly collect data and analyze experimental data. (1/2 credit per semester)

Environmental Science
Environmental Science provides students the framework for understanding how individuals and communities interact with the environment. Students will learn about the biotic and abiotic factors that affect communities while evaluating the complex environmental issues with both technical and scientific components. (1/2 credit per semester)

Social Studies

U.S. Government
This course involves the study of federal, state and local governments. Students will be investigating the Constitution, voting and elections, the branches of government as well as the role they play in society. In addition, students will reflect on the governmental system while discussing current events. (1/2 credit)

Psychology is the study of individual behavior. Students will study background information regarding learning, motivation, intelligence, personality, child development and mental illness to understand the structure and function of the American social system. (1/2 credit semester class)

Students will be challenged to view themselves as an integral participant in society while preserving their cultural values and norms. The course will focus on the cultural and social structure, the individual in society, social inequality, social institutions and the changing social world. (1/2 credit semester class)

Students will discover the connection between the choices they make and the practicality of economics. Students will learn the main concepts of economics as well as how to be a wise decision-maker in the global economy. (1/2 credit semester class)

20th Century American History
This is a required course that will cover the social, economical, political and cultural changes in the U.S. from 1877 to the present. Lecture, discussion, films, simulations, interviews, research projects and other activities will be used to examine topics and events from history. (1/2 credit semester class)

Street Law
Street Law is an approach to provide practical information and problem solving opportunities that are necessary for survival in our law saturated society. Students will learn about the American legal system and the laws that have an impact on their lives. (1/2 credit semester class)

Current World Issues
Current World Issues is an interactive and discussion-based course that will expose students to diverse cultures and events that are shaping the changing lives of people throughout the U.S. and the world. Topics include: a culture's history, religions, traditions, customs and current events. Students will develop reading, analyzing, writing and presentation skills. (1/2 credit semester class)

Personal Finance
(1/2 credit semester class)


Collision and Non-Structural Inspection & Repair
*Prerequisite: Enrolled in Automotive Academy
(Semester class 1/2 credit)

Collision Painting & Refinishing
*Prerequisite: Enrolled in Automotive Academy
(Semester class 1/2 credit)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Entrepreneurship is designed to show students the ins and outs of owning a business.
(Semester class 1/2 credit)

Personal Finance
Personal Finance is designed to introduce students to the world of money management and finance. Included will be financial planning, banking and finance, paychecks and taxes, saving and investing, credit and insurance.
(Semester class 1/2credit)

Cosmetology Related
*Prerequisite: Enrolled in Cosmetology
(Semester class 1/2 credit)

Employability Skills
Students will learn an introduction to employability skills, such as resume and cover letter writing, interview skills and verbal and non verbal communication.
(Semester class 1/2 credit)