"Connecting Your Passions, Your Dreams"

Bellefontaine Main Campus

Ohio Hi-Point is a school of choice for students to gain a hands-on education in a specific career path. The Bellefontaine Main Campus serves juniors and seniors in high school from the district's 14 partner schools.

Students apply for admission to the Bellefontaine Main Campus during their sophomore year. Applications and transcripts are reviewed to ensure students meet admission requirements, and students are notified of their admission decision beginning in late February for the following school year.

fusing the classroom with real-world experiences

At Ohio Hi-Point, we'll help guide you through career exploration to learn about your skills, interests, and goals. Then, we’ll create a plan together to reach those goals through your academics, practical learning experiences, internships, apprenticeships, and School-to-Work.

Regardless of your future plans, we are certain that Ohio Hi-Point will be a beneficial stepping stone to launch you further than your peers into your chosen post-high school plans.

College and Career Options

You’ll have the opportunity to earn college credits, industry certifications, and grow a strong network of supportive professionals. So by the end of your senior year, you can graduate with more than just a diploma.




Your School, Your Experience

We want you to enjoy your time in high school, both at your home school and at OHP.

Remain active in your home school

Our students return to their home schools for athletics, music, school clubs, and countless other school functions.

Participate in OHP activities

Join, contribute, and lead OHP organizations like FFA, FCCLA, Student Ambassadors, NTHS, or our Leo Club.

Grow Your circle of friends

Meet new people starting your first day. You’ll create lasting friendships and share countless memories.

Experience your education

Take advantage of School-to-Work, internships, study trips, competitions, and college credit opportunities to make the most of your time at Ohio Hi-Point.

Students on the pathway to success