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Student of the Month: Katlynn Caudill
Student of the Month: Katlynn Caudill
Kelsey Webb, Director of Communications

Katlynn Caudill named May Student of the Month -

Why I chose Ohio Hi-Point:
The reason I choose Ohio Hi-Ppoint was beacuse It was a big step into my career field and a great experience. Choosing Ohio Hi-Point was such a big help in the real world because it help me see if the lab I am in was the right decision for after high school.

My favorite part about Ohio Hi-Point is:
My favorite part about Ohio Hi-Point is the teachers because they don't only care about your education but they also care about you. They make sure your having a good day and if you wasn't they were try and make your day better. Every teacher I have had or know at Ohio Hi-Point is always in a good mood no matter if it's a Monday or not. The teachers here are always smiling and saying things like how are you? And Good morning whenever I pass them in the hall or have them in class.

My most memorable moment at Ohio Hi-Point was:
Whenever I told my teachers I was pregnant I though they would look at me werid or say something rude but they didn't they were such a big help and supported me through it all and they still continue to.

What surprised me most about Ohio Hi-Point was:
Was how much lab experience I get here at Ohio Hi-Point, lots of hands-on.

The teacher who has had the biggest impact on me is:
Mrs. Heitmeyer

My advice to students who may be looking to apply to Ohio Hi-Point is:
Apply because you will have such a great experience here.

After graduation:
I'm attending Clark State.