"Connecting Your Passions, Your Dreams"

District Profile

Nealry $500,000 in scholarships awarded to the Class of 2017

323 industry credentials earned during the 2016-2017 school year

68 school to work participants on Main Campus during the 2016-2017 school year.

10% enrollment increase from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017.

2017 Report Card

Ohio Hi-Point is proud of the educational development and growth of our students. Our students' successes continue to build a strong and prosperous community due to the skills training and career and college pathways available to students. In addition to the 2017 State Report Card, Ohio Hi-Point is happy to share additional information that may not be on the report, but represents an exemplary real-world learning approach lead by our highly-qualified staff. All statistics are from the 2016-2017 school year unless otherwise noted.


Bellefontaine Main Campus: 548 (September 2017)
Satellites: 3,418 (September 2017)

Practical Learning

Credentials: 323 credentials earned
Experiential Learning Opportunities: 453 experiential learning opportunities provided (study trips, networking events, guest speakers)
School-To-Work: 68 School-to-Work students
Student-Run Businesses: 12 active student-run businesses
Community Service Projects: 20+ community service projects completed
Community Partnerships: 45 educational and industry partnerships

Impressive Outcomes

Placement Rate: 92.1% of the 2016 convocating class were employed, continuing their education, or in the military by Fall 2016.
Scholarships: Nearly $500,000 in scholarships received
State Competitors: 218 state competitors
National Competitors: 35 national competitors
First-Ever Honda Intern: Placed first-ever high school student intern at Honda Manufacturing in Marysville, OH
Six Sigma Belts: First high school students in the nation to earn yellow and green Six Sigma belts


Officers: 2 elected state officers
FFA Degrees: 15 State Degrees earned; 5 American Degrees earned
Torch Awards: 18 State Torch Awards earned; 10 National Torch Awards earned
U.S. Presidential Scholars Program: 1 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program finalist


For the fourth time in the last six years, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (OHP) has earned the Auditor of State Award for a “clean” audit report. The district – while earning the Auditor of State Award four times within the past six years – has also been recognized by the Ohio Senate for “exemplary financial reporting” during three of the past six audits.
In the past 15 years, Ohio Hi-Point has grown to serve more than 4,000 students at 12 different locations including the Bellefontaine Campus. During that time, the District has never received less than an unqualified audit opinion.