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Career-technical education is about fusing the classroom with real-world experiences to equip students with the skills and knowledge to excel in college or the workforce.


Founded in 1974, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center is a two-year career-technical school district located in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

We serve 11th and 12th grade students in 14 partner school districts covering five counties at our main campus.

What We Do

Develop our most valuable resource -- people -- by providing quality career-technical and academic education.

Why We Do It

By connecting these People to their Passions, we are shaping a Productive workforce for a Prosperous community.

High School Partners

Students and Curriculum

There are 13 career training programs and required academic courses on our main campus. Student can also opt to remain at their partnered school and enroll in one of Ohio Hi-Point's 52 satellite programs!

Real-World Pathways

Career Opportunities

Ohio Hi-Point is dedicated to connecting students to success by aligning them with the best pathway; one that suits their interest, skills, aspirations and a potential career. Every student has the opportunity to acquire industry certifications and earn a leg up on the competition in the job hunt. Industry partners work directly with our instructors to help guide curriculum and provide information about the most needed skills in the profession today.

Learning That Works

CTE prepares students for careers and is a proven instructional strategy that keeps students ENGAGED!

College Opportunities

To provide successful pathways for students, Ohio Hi-Point partners with colleges and universities around the state to correspond our teaching to adhere to the higher education requirements. Several of our programs have direct pathways into college majors, while some of our academics offer students the opportunity to gain college credit.

College? yes. Career? Yes!

With endless possibilities to advance their education, students can earn up to 30 free college credits (depending on program), saving your family anywhere between $7,000 to $30,000!

Main Campus

Satellite Programs

Adult Education

College Credits

Location - Bellefontaine, Ohio

Ohio's Highest Point


The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, located in the city of Bellefontaine, sits atop Campbell Hill, the highest point in Ohio, at 1,549 feet (472 m) above sea level. Because this is now a school campus, the highest point is accessible to the public seven days a week.

A View From the Hill


Many of the original buildings of the Air Force Station still remain and have been renovated to house career training programs or office space. Ohio Hi-Point became a school district in 1970, when local and state officials created the Ohio Hi-Point Vocational-Technical District, and appointed a nine-member board to govern operations. The school did not open its doors to students, however, until September 1974, after voters approved a levy.

New programs were added to the six original offerings, and 700 students enrolled when the school moved into its new main building in 1975.

A $1.9 million addition to the main building in early 1995 brought more classroom space and a state-of-the-art technology center. Later that same year, the school's name was changed from Ohio Hi-Point Joint Vocational School to Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. The purpose of the change was to give a clearer meaning of opportunities for young people and adults still pursuing an education with a career goal in mind.


For many years the highest point in Ohio served as home to the Bellefontaine Air Force Station. Personnel of the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron manned the site during the 1950s and 60s, during the peak of the Cold War, watching for attacks.


Currently, OHP is undergoing some big changes to grow our campus, our programs offerings, and our community!