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Students that come to OHP thrive in the classroom and in the real world.

and Here is the Proof

Student of the Month

Victor Kep

Allied Health and Nursing, Ridgemont High School

"I plan to become a biomedical engineer. Ohio Hi-Point is providing a great foundational education for my goals..."

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Student of the Month

Grace Hawson

Multimedia Marketing, Riverside High School

"I chose Ohio Hi-Point because I've always been interested in media and wanted to pursue a higher level of learning..."

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Shelby McMaken

Animal Science, West Liberty-Salem

My dream is to become a zoologist, and so I applied the knowledge I learned in the Animal Science program to my internship at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium as a Zoo Aide...

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Kacie Bush

Cosmetology, Indian Lake High School

This was a giant step towards my goal of becoming a hairdresser. Ohio Hi-Point has given me the opportunity to start my career while still in high school. I was the first in my class to get my Cosmetology license and I was introduced to my future employer before I graduated...

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Chelsea Strunk

Multimedia Marketing, Graham High School

Ohio Hi-Point isn't your traditional classroom setting and teachers actually try to help each individual student. You create a friendship with your teachers which makes it easier to learn. OHP has helped me become more well-rounded and professional. I wish that everyone....

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Ariana Fout

Early Childhood Education, Riverside High School

I have way more friends here than I ever thought I would and I'm closer than ever to my goal to help children. My next step is to go to college and to start my pathway to getting a Doctorate in Child Psychology. Ohio Hi-Point is a new home and a place that I can be, unequivocally me...

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Sunshine Outram

Early Childhood Education, Benjamin Logan

My time at Hi-Point has been incredible and extremely beneficial. Not only did I make connections with future employers, but I also developed career goals and aspirations. My future plans are to attend college and...

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Bryanna Messner

Health Tech, Graham

Ohio Hi-Point definitely allowed you to jump ahead in life. I'm moving on to summer and already have my STNA (and a job as an STNA), CPR and First Aid certifications. Not many other graduating seniors can say that...

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Hillary Rader

Professional Turf and Landscaping, Bellefontaine

I'm leaving Ohio Hi-Point Career Center career ready. From the competitions and real world experience in Mr. Carpenter's lab, I'm prepared to take the next step in my career. I placed fifth in a state competition, and...

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Colton Low

I came to Hi-Point because of the college credits and my interest in electronics. I took dual enrollment classes at Bellefontaine High School so it just seemed like a great fit to continue taking college credit classes while...

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Erik's Success Story

Erik Mundy

Information Technology, Bellefontaine

I worked better at Ohio Hi-Point. My work ethic and drive grew each day, and I really had a strong push from Mr. Lacher and Ms. Arehart. Mr. Lacher taught me about interview skills, IT and making videos...

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Patrick's Success Story

Patrick Kunkle

Auto Tech, Bellefontaine

During my two years at Hi-Point, Mr. Peterson has helped me grow as a professional and has given me a great opportunity to network with potential employers. I also worked with real projects, especially with audio...

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Dustin's Success Story

Dustin Wooten

Health Technology, West-Liberty Salem

I came to Hi-Point to advance my knowledge and better my education. I have been learning about patient treatment in my Health Technology lab. Since being at Hi-Point I have been involved in Lead Ambassadors and HOSA...

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Ellie's Success Story

Ellie Skinner

Cosmetology, Marysville

Hi-Point has given me the chance to become a leader. It has given me the chance to become a licensed cosmetologist in a less costly way. I have become a stronger leader through SkillsUSA, and a better team worker...

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Jordan's Success Story

Jordan Erevia

Multimedia Marketing, Benjamin Logan

Being at Hi-Point has really taught me what it means to have good work ethics and leadership skills.

Much of this has come straight from activities...

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Carissa's Success Story

Carissa Magnuson

Health Technology, West-Liberty Salem

Ohio Hi-Point has given me the opportunity to run for and be elected as a HOSA state officer.

The administration has allowed me to participate...

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Dylan's Success Story

Dylan Taylor

Multimedia Marketing, Riverside

I first wanted to attend Hi-Point when I realized what a huge impact it would have on my future. I wanted that extra step ahead of everyone else, and I knew I would get that at Hi-Point. What I didn't know is that I would...

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Jacob's Success Story

Jacob Sampson

Diesel Technology, Triad

I was excited to place third in the state in the Diesel Equipment competition at the SkillsUSA Leadership Conference. The competition itself was a 9-part test that showed off the skills we're learning in lab.

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Randi's Success Story

Randi Cox

Early Childhood Education, Indian Lake High School

Every career starts with an early childhood education teacher. It's such an important job.

I like making lesson plans to teach a concept...

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Jordan's Success Story

Jordan Bush

Multimedia Marketing

For me, the meaning of education has changed since I've attended Ohio Hi-Point.

Education means learning job skills that will prepare you for the real world. Education is hands-on and provides real experiences...

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Jessica's Success Story

Jessica Trace

Printing and Graphic Arts, Graham High School

I've always loved art, and I enjoy working with computers, so, this program was a perfect fit.

Being able to create pieces through screen-printing...

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Taylor's Success Story

Taylor Kemmere

Early Childhood Education, Kenton High School

I always knew I wanted to work with kids. The Early Childhood Education program was just the right fit. I was recently accepted for a School-To-Work position helping to teach young kids at A+ Childcare and Learning Center...

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Phillip's Success Story

Phillip Corwin

Electronics Engineering, Riverside High School

Right now, I'm programming commands from the computer to the robot to complete the maze. I vary between which commands I use depending on what I want the robot to do like move forward, turn, etc., and use infrared to identify...

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Kaitlyn's Success Story

Kaitlyn Matthews

Multimedia Marketing, Graham High School

I want to inspire people. I plan on doing something with audio or writing after I graduate. Writing lets me intertwine my personality into what I'm doing. I hope that I can inspire others in the way that living positively inspires me.

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