"Connecting Your Passions, Your Dreams"

Ohio Hi Point- Career Center
Ohio Hi Point- Career Center
Our Mission

Our mission is to develop our most valuable resource- people- by providing quality career-technical and academic education.

Our Values
  • Our students/clients are our first priority
  • Every individual has value and significance
  • We expect excellence in all we do
  • Students and staff are accountable for their own behavior and personal development
  • Effective learning actively engages students

Our Why

Connecting your passions, your dreams. It’s more than a tagline; it’s an important reminder that conscious career planning takes time and effort to yield the ‘dream come true’ moment. Our dedicated staff wants to connect students to their passions and dreams, and our mission statement is a the roadmap for how we make that connection: by providing quality career-technical and academic education for our students and customers.

We continue to strengthen and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders; provide strong career exploration and development; provide tailored academic and career-technical education; engage minds and celebrate the opportunity to dream; as well as align the district's key performance indicators.

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