Ohio Hi Point- Career Center

District Profile

Nealry $500,000 in scholarships awarded to the Class of 2017

323 industry credentials earned during the 2016-2017 school year

68 school to work participants on Main Campus during the 2016-2017 school year.

10% enrollment increase from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017.

2017 Report Card

Ohio Hi-Point is proud of the educational development and growth of our students. Our students' successes continue to build a strong and prosperous community due to the skills training and career and college pathways available to students. In addition to the 2017 State Report Card, Ohio Hi-Point is happy to share additional information that may not be on the report, but represents an exemplary real-world learning approach lead by our highly-qualified staff. All statistics are from the 2016-2017 school year unless otherwise noted.


Bellefontaine Main Campus: 548 (September 2017)
Satellites: 3,418 (September 2017)

Practical Learning

Credentials: 323 credentials earned
Experiential Learning Opportunities: 453 experiential learning opportunities provided (study trips, networking events, guest speakers)
School-To-Work: 68 School-to-Work students
Student-Run Businesses: 12 active student-run businesses
Community Service Projects: 20+ community service projects completed
Community Partnerships: 45 educational and industry partnerships

Impressive Outcomes

Placement Rate: 92.1% of the 2016 convocating class were employed, continuing their education, or in the military by Fall 2016.
Scholarships: Nearly $500,000 in scholarships received
State Competitors: 218 state competitors
National Competitors: 35 national competitors
First-Ever Honda Intern: Placed first-ever high school student intern at Honda Manufacturing in Marysville, OH
Six Sigma Belts: First high school students in the nation to earn yellow and green Six Sigma belts


Officers: 2 elected state officers
FFA Degrees: 15 State Degrees earned; 5 American Degrees earned
Torch Awards: 18 State Torch Awards earned; 10 National Torch Awards earned
U.S. Presidential Scholars Program: 1 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program finalist
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